IEA FBC Technology Collaboration Programme Fluidized Bed Conversion (Working Period 2024-2026): "IEA Green FBC"

The goal is to further expand and deepen the international cooperation of IEA fluidized bed technology both globally and nationally with regards to green technologies and to continue the successful course towards a most climate-friendly, sustainable and low-pollutant heat and power production using fluidized bed technology. All stakeholders are included and work closely together on a national and global level.

Short Description

The IEA Green Fluidized Bed Technology project supports the consequent further development of fluidized bed technology (FBC) nationally and globally as an important tool for meeting climate goals, increasing resilience and sustainability in the energy sources used, both for industry and in other sectors for an affordable and clean energy.

With the help of green fluidized bed technology, sustainable energy sources such as biomass and biogenic waste should be used in an affordable and clean, sustainable and resilient manner, as well as the latest processes for CO2 capture and utilization and the supply of energy sources and energy storage should be further developed.

The achievement of these goals is ensured by the close networking and involvement of all stakeholders. Knowledge and experience on a national and international level are exchanged in this project through national fluidized bed meetings, participation in international EXCO meetings and technical sessions, site visits to fluidized bed units, newsletters and direct exchange.

The activities of this period include:

  • Updating and expanding the IEA-FBC database
  • National and international information distribution and networking activities
  • Preparation of annual reports with national and international IEA-FBC activities
  • Participation in the Technical Sessions and Executive Committee meetings FBC
  • Organizing workshops and site visits to fluidized bed units

Expected results

In addition to the publication of reports and the exchange of information between the global and national network of IEA fluidized bed technology, the use of green technology by fluidized bed technology will be supported in Austria and worldwide.

The present project is fully in line with Austrian energy policy and makes a significant contribution to its implementation.


Austria, Canada (operating agent), China, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Korea, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, UK, USA (Sponsor)

Contact Address

Univ.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Franz Winter
TU Wien
Institute of Chemical, Environmental and Bioscience Engineering
Getreidemarkt 9/166
1060 Wien