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Internationale Energieagentur (IEA)

IEA ISGAN Working Group 9: Flexibility Markets - Development and Implementation (Working Period 2021 - 2023)

ISGAN Working Group 9 focuses on flexibilities in the power system and related market mechanisms. Main work areas include the integration of trading with flexibilities (redispatch), investigation of the needs of different market participants, identification and definition of flexibilities and their characteristics, development and scaling of interoperable flexibility markets, consumer-oriented understanding of flexibilities, and the avoidance of stability or security losses due to diversity loss.

Internationale Energieagentur (IEA)

IEA ISGAN Annex 5: Smart Grids International Research Facility Network (SIRFN). (Working period 2021-2022)

The Smart Grids International Research Facility Network (SIRFN) aims at improving the implementation of Smart Grids technologies by collaboration between smart grid testing facilities, test beds, and large-scale demonstrations. In the working period 2021-2022, the focus will be laid on the development of extended interoperability tests for decentralised energy resources and micro grids.

Internationale Energieagentur (IEA)

IEA ISGAN Annex 7: Smart Grid Transitions (Working period 2020-2023)

ISGAN Annex 7 aims to bundle international experience and interdisciplinary research activities on smart grids, to synthesize them and to make them usable for policy makers. These include social, economic and humanities research on institutional framework conditions of transition, in particular on governance issues, as well as the development of processes for the broad participation of relevant stakeholders in smart grids transition processes.

Internationale Energieagentur (IEA)

IEA ISGAN Annex 6: Electricity Transmission and Distribution Systems (working period 2021-2022)

ISGAN Annex 6 deals with the possible system-related challenges in the development of future smart grids. Austria is leading Task 4 Interaction of Transmission and Distribution Networks. The main topic in the current work program relates to flexibility topologies within transmission and distribution grids. The results and analyses will be published on the one hand in a discussion paper and in condensed form in a video. Communication and dissemination activities will be targeted and conducted to different stakeholder groups.

Internationale Energieagentur (IEA)

IEA-ISGAN Annex 2: Smart Grid Case Studies (Working period from 2019)

The aim of this Annex is to provide all ISGAN members with detailed information of the current status of pilot- and demonstration projects for Smart Grids. Different communication methods are used: Casebooks describe demonstration projects highlighting a certain focus of Smart Grids research and development. The Survey on drivers and technologies for Smart Grid projects identifies countries’ specific motivating drivers for pursuing smart grids and catalogue existing activities. Knowledge Transfer Projects (KTPs). allow for an interactive dialogue with ISGAN members as well as interested stakeholders via workshops.

Internationale Energieagentur (IEA)

IEA Action Network "Intelligent Energy Systems": International Smart Grid Action Network (ISGAN TCP)

ISGAN is an international network for the development and exchange of expertise on smart, clean, flexible and resilient power grids ("smart grids"). ISGAN provides a platform for the communication of international experiences, trends and insights for the implementation of smart grid solutions in decarbonized energy systems of the future.