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Stadt der Zukunft

GeoDatKlim - Preparation of an innovation lab - IoT and geo-AI-supported data management for the climate-neutral city

Preparation of a real laboratory that will enable numerous actors to research the actual benefits of urban data or their AI-supported analysis for a climate-neutral city. By clarifying strategic, technical and legal aspects as well as potential analyses along relevant use cases, the framework conditions for an open, multi-year research environment (real laboratory) in Vienna are set in motion.

Stadt der Zukunft

KLIMADEMO VIS-A-VIS: Participatory realization of a climate-neutral demonstration building Vis-à-Vis

Participatory development of a pilot project at the interface between climate neutrality, affordability and multi-storey wooden housing based on well-founded decision-making bases in terms of renewable materials and renewable energies. The result is a multipliable carbon neutral building and the dissemination of carbon neutrality know-how to a larger audience.

Stadt der Zukunft

KLIMUR: climate-resilient urban resource management for the case study of Zukunftshof and Rothneusiedl

For the concept of the Zukunftshof, an innovative urban agriculture area, development scenarios for an integrated energy and resource cycle system are to be developed using optimisation tools and parametric design studies. A roadmap consisting of technical concepts and a coordinated financing strategy will provide the basis for a demo project that demonstrates in practice how the Zukunftshof can be the starting point and basis for resource-efficient and climate-resilient urban development.

Stadt der Zukunft

SmartCity Baumgarten - Demonstration of an anergy network and implementation of climate-friendly solutions in existing districts

Implementation of a cross-property anergy network for the supply of heating, cooling and electricity in an existing neighbourhood. With this demonstration project, a technical-legal alternative for areas outside of district heating supply is developed, which makes it possible for neighbourhoods to join together to use renewable energies in common.