SmartCity Baumgarten - Demonstration of an anergy network and implementation of climate-friendly solutions in existing districts

Implementation of a cross-property anergy network for the supply of heating, cooling and electricity in an existing neighbourhood. With this demonstration project, a technical-legal alternative for areas outside of district heating supply is developed, which makes it possible for neighbourhoods to join together to use renewable energies in common.

Short Description



Starting point / motivation

The "SmartCity Baumgarten" quarter in the 14th district is a typical mix of building components for the outskirts of Vienna with buildings from different eras. The heat supply for the district is provided mainly by decentralized natural gas heating systems, which is just as typical. The high, near future-oriented climate goals mean the need for a large-scale switch to renewable energies, especially for the existing quarters in urban areas.

In areas that are not supplied with district heating, there is the alternative of an anergy network to supply heat and cold. In existing urban areas, however, anergy networks have hardly been implemented. One reason for this is that existing districts do not always have sufficient usable space for the use of geothermal energy.

The project addresses this problem. With the upcoming construction of a new building in a vacant lot, the "SmartCity Baumgarten" district has the unique opportunity to realize the lack of possibility of (joint) use of renewable energies via an anergy network. In this way, several different properties and building typologies can be converted to 100% renewable energies and a multipliable prototype district solution can be created.

Contents and goals

The project relies on proven measures for energy efficiency and the use of geothermal energy in combination with photovoltaics. The overarching innovative content is the joint use of renewable energies at district level, made possible by linking and exploiting the potential of all individual properties in terms of geothermal energy and photovoltaics. A joint and coordinated approach to the energy-efficient refurbishment of existing buildings is an essential part of this comprehensive process in order to achieve self-sufficiency in the district by minimizing demand.

  • For the first time, an energy community overarched with a property anergy network (exchange of electricity and heat) will be implemented
  • Optimum use of space for photovoltaics thanks to installation options distributed across the property
  • Adapted use of innovative thermal energy measures that are necessary when renovating buildings from different construction periods
  • Legal questions in the course of the construction and use of the anergy network for the partners of the energy community
  • Expandability of the anergy network: connection of other properties in the neighbourhood


Determination of the renovation potentials and the potentials for the anergy network from the borehole heat exchanger field, simulation of the decentralised heat pumps, determination of the PV surface areas and simulation of the yields from the PV systems and the control parameters for PV heat pumps. Elaboration of technical solutions as well as calculation of the necessary storage sizes for heat and electricity to develop an energy/CO2 balance.

Analysis of the requirements for legal issues and financing. Social components and needs (living satisfaction, living comfort, acceptance of planned renovation measures and innovations, social relationships) are incorporated into the implementation via process support.

Expected results

Development of the "SmartCity Baumgarten" neighbourhood as a sustainable, energy-efficient showcase neighbourhood that makes a multipliable contribution to "Get out of oil and gas" for a neighbourhood network.

energy data and possible expansion phases presented in a graphical model of the Quartier Baumgarten.
Quartier Baumgarten - energy data and possible expansion phases (red columns total energy demand before refurbishment, orange columns potential total energy demand after refurbishment & change of energy source, green columns potential for photovoltaics on the building) (Copyright: Anton Feirer / aap.architekten ZT-GmbH)

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Schöberl & Pöll GmbH

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