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IEA Solar Heating and Cooling (SHC)

Since 1977 the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme supports joint research and development activities in the field of solar thermal technologies focusing solar thermal for heating and cooling of buildings, for industrial applications and in agriculture.

Short Description

30 % of the overall energy consumption of IEA member countries is spent on energy for heating, domestic hot water, cooling and lighting. Most applications cover the temperature range below 250°C and therefore are predestinated for solar thermal technologies.


The vision is to cover 50 % of low temperature needs in regard to heating and cooling with solar by 2030.


The Solar Heating and Cooling Programme aims to support unified international efforts in respect to solar thermal for buildings, industrial applications and agriculture. Thus it generates significantly added value compared to national research and development activities and demonstration projects.

To reach the vision the SHC Programme cooperates with several different IEA Programmes such as Energy in Buildings and Communities Programme, Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme, Concentrating Solar Energy and Heat Pumping Technologies Programme. In addition experts of the Solar Heating and Cooling Programme work together with representatives of Solar Thermal Associations in Europe (ESTIF), USA and Asia.

Results are being disseminated to solar research associations, solar thermal companies, energy suppliers and service companies for consumers and building owners.

Tasks with Austrian involvement

Ongoing Tasks

Completed Tasks

  • Task 19 - Solar Air Systems
  • Task 21 - Daylight in Buildings
  • Task 23 - Optimization of Solar Energy Use in Large Buildings
  • Task 25 - Solar Assisted Air Conditioning of Buildings
  • Task 26 - Solar Combisystems
  • Task 28 - Solar Sustainable Housing
  • Task 32 - Advanced Storage Concepts for Solar Thermal Systems in Low Energy Buildings
  • Task 33 - Solar Heat for Industrial Process
  • Task 36 - Solar Resource Knowledge Management
  • Task 37 - Advanced Housing Renovation with Solar & Conservation
  • Task 38 - Solar Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration
  • Task 39 - Polymeric Materials for Solar Thermal Applications
  • Task 40 - Net Zero Energy Solar Buildings NZEB
  • Task 41 - Solar Energy and Architecture
  • Task 42 - Compact Thermal Energy Storage
  • Task 43 - Solar Rating & Certification Procedures
  • Task 44 - Solar and Heat Pump Systems
  • Task 45 - Large Scale Solar Heating and Cooling Systems
  • Task 47 - Solar Renovation of Non-Residential Buildings
  • Task 48 - Quality Assurance and Support Measures for Solar Cooling Systems
  • Task 49 - Solar Heat Integration in Industrial Processes
  • Task 50 - Advanced Lighting Solutions for Retrofitting Buildings
  • Task 51 - Solar Energy in Urban Planning


Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, Mexico, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom

Participating organisations

  • European Commission
  • ECREEE (ECOWAS - Economic Community of West African States - Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency)
  • European Copper Institute
  • RCREEE (Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency -MENA region)
  • Gulf Organisation for Research & Development (GORD)
  • ISES (International Solar Energy Society)

Contact Address

Ing. Werner Weiß
Feldgasse 19
8200 Gleisdorf
Tel.: +43 (3112) 5886 117

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