IEA-SHC Task 64: Solar Process Heat

The main objective of the task is to identify, verify and promote the role of SHIP (Solar Heat in Industrial Processes) systems as single system and in integrated energy systems. Technical and non-technical barriers will be tackled. The main results of the project are a dimensioning and integration guideline for SHIP and integrated energy systems and a Guideline to Market for SHIP and integrated energy systems.

Short Description

Despite many national and international initiatives in the field of solar process heat and a great deal of technological progress, growth in market volume is far below expectations: We see fewer than 1,000 SHIP installations worldwide.

On the other hand, the potential for solar heating systems that supply industry with heat is still regarded as relevant: Around 2% to 4% of the total industrial heat demand of a Central European country can realistically be covered by solar thermal technologies. SHIP can make a significant contribution to CO2 reduction. The question is what steps are necessary to release this potential.

The main objective of the task is to identify, verify and promote the role of SHIP systems as individual systems and in integrated energy systems. Instead of concentrating on component development, the overall system will be considered at process temperatures from just above the ambient temperature up to approx. 400°C-500°C. The system will be designed as an integrated energy system.

Open research questions are the standardisation of integration processes at the process and supply levels and the combination with other efficient heat supply technologies such as CHP, heat pumps or power-to-heat. The integration of solar energy into a hybrid energy supply system must be completed by optimized energy storage management taking into account various thermal storage technologies. On this basis, solar energy can become a reliable component of the future industrial heat supply in industrial systems.

Important results from the present task SHIP #3 will be:

  • Preparation of a "Dimensioning and Integration Guideline" for SHIP and Integrated Energy Systems
  • Development of integration and system concepts for SHIP and integrated energy systems. Definition of design and dimensioning rules for subcomponents and overall system for SHIP in the integrated energy system. Evaluation of the system concepts by means of cross-technology system KPIs.
  • Development of a guideline for the market penetration of SHIP and integrated energy systems.
  • Promotion of the LCOH approach in the investment evaluation of SHIP.
  • Promotion of SHIP innovations in the international research community.
  • Presentation of financing concepts and financing models that are tailored to the special framework conditions of SHIP.
  • Tailor-made marketing packages for the various interest groups.



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