IEA Bioenergy Task 33: Thermal Gasification of Biomass (Working Period 2010 - 2012)

Obtaining, processing and dissemination of information about inter­national development in the field of thermal gasification of biomass as well as leadership of several key aspects of the task.

Short Description


The scope of the work for Task 33 is the organization of semi-annual Task Meetings to exchange and review global R&D programs and projects to identify barriers to commercialize biomass gasification process (BMG). Use the survey information to prepare and update Country Reports and R&D needs and to make them available to national team leaders to aid in the development of their respective national BMG and bioenergy plans. Conduct subtask studies including focused technical workshops, with industrial and academic experts to address the key barriers to advancing BMG. Wherever possible, conduct joint studies with related tasks, annexes, and other international activities to pursue mutually beneficial investigations.

Austria worked on following Task Projects as a subtask-leader (2010 - 2012):

  • Country Reports
  • Analytical methods for characterisation of synthesis gas
  • Operating experience of biomass gasifications systems
  • Workshop contributions related to specific topic
  • New design of Task 33 website and maintenance
  • Regular update of Task 33 database
  • Newsletter contributions

In addition Austria is active in the projects such as Standards of tar measurement, Biomass gasification for production of hydrogen and hydrogen-rich gas and last but not least Health-, safety- and environmental aspects of biomass gasification plants. Furthermore a Newsletter as an important information source for Austrian Industry about the highlights in biomass gasification area in Task 33 member countries is published twice a year.

Within this Triennium there are following topics for workshops planed:

  • Bed materials in fluidised bed gasification
  • Product gas cleaning and usage
  • Tar formation, analysis and removal
  • Small scale fixed bed gasification
  • Analysis & measurements (trace components)
  • Sustainability
  • Fuel pre-treatment, demands of gasifiers on fuel quality
  • Drop in fuels

The information exchange and activities of the Task 33 are very valuable for Austria as a member country, because several commercial and demonstration projects are currently underway. The experiences of projects in other countries can be applied to these projects.

In Triennium 2010 - 2012 there were 6 meetings hold, including a workshop on a defined topic. The Meeting Minutes can be found on the IEA Bioenergy Task 33 Website.


All relevant publications are available on the Website of the current working period.


Austria, Germany, Denmark, Turkey, New Zealand, Switzerland, Netherlands, Finland, Italy, Sweden and USA

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