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Haus der Zukunft

Climate protection in Schools: a prototype for targeted oriented knowledge transfer for students on the basis of energy efficient buildings

The saying "Was Hänschen nicht lernt, lernt Hans nimmermehr." which can be translated with the English saying "You can´t teach an old dog new tricks." especially applies to the issue of "climate protection" in general. Therefore children must be made aware of the importance of the subject from the beginning on in order to live their life efficiently and environmentally friendly. Based on a research and on an evaluation of existing teaching materials teachers and students will develop, how students understand the topic "climate protection" with a focus on "building and living in the future" the easiest way.

Haus der Zukunft

Exhibition "Architecture and Passive House Standard in Austria"

The aim of the exhibition is to show the compatibility of the building quality standard "Passive House-Standard" with the requirements of the best architectural design with well-chosen examples and explanations. In this way these Austrian cultural and technical achievements shall be made more public.

Haus der Zukunft

"Building of Tomorrow" on the road - knowledge transfer of the results from "Building of Tomorrow" to existing traineeships

Knowledge transfer of the programme "Building of Tomorrow" to specialists on universities, advanced technical colleges, polytechnics, construction academies, administration academies. Themes: Energy, Construction and Building Physics, Ecology and Architecture and Sociology.

Haus der Zukunft

PH-Academy - "Passive house of the future" Academy platform for knowledge transfer between building developers

Builders and developers of residential buildings in low energy and passive house standard were invited to an academically moderated direct exchange of experiences, to turn them into competent users of new technologies.

Haus der Zukunft

"Building of Tomorrow" in the media

Press support for "Building of Tomorrow"

Haus der Zukunft

Transferproject: Professional strawbale building - "Virtual building-site", exhibition and instruction material

Strawbale-workshops are considered as the best way to inseminate this ecological building-technique. The "virtual building site" has some decisive advantages over the common situation: it does not depend on the weather, allows the comparative study of different constructing methods and can, as a permanent installation, be used as an exhibition.

Haus der Zukunft

Construction Site SCHOOL - Sustainable Models for the Refurbishment of School Buildings?

In this research project, models for refurbishment and restructuring of school buildings were developed. The reconstruction concepts contain lists of measures for deploying sustainable building techniques and exemplary case studies for the reorganisation of buildings of different typologies.

Haus der Zukunft

Urban consolidation Lehen - subproject 6a and 6b: Energy efficient urban districts by means of community organizing and social measures in urban consolidation

Community organizing is used as a method to develop an activating social process to inform and include involved people in the district concerning new buildings but also in the process of urban renewal. Experiences and feedback were worked on scientifically to give feedback to the community as well as to builders and planners.

Haus der Zukunft

Integration of results of the program "Building of Tomorrow" into the established qualification program of energy counsellors and their daily consultancy activities

Preparing the results of the "Building of Tomorrow" program for energy counsellors by elaborating a material collection and integrating it into the basic education of energy counsellors. Furthermore a one-day training course for already active energy counsellors will be designed and held.

Haus der Zukunft

Booklet issued by Building of Tomorrow with about 20 practical passive house thermal bridges free connection details for large-volume residential buildings

In particular, for buildings with very low energy consumption on heating the influence of heat bridges have a special value. Since in passive house construction a largely heat bridge free execution is required, the most frequent and significant heat bridges are collected in a booklet.

Haus der Zukunft

Update of content and usability for the Manual for Energy Consultants (HfE-New)

The Manual for Energy Consultants had been adapted to present and future needs in energy consulting. The updated manual will preserve the basic concept (buildings with at least close to domestic energy use patterns, up to 1000 m² heated floor area, concentration on refurbishment) and the existing structure: Checklists, data sheets and explanations.

Haus der Zukunft

Morphology of a City - The Austrian Built Environment

This study uses several data sources to analyze the effects of the research programe "Haus der Zukunft" ("Building of Tomorrow") on the Austrian housebuilding industry and the built environment.

Haus der Zukunft

Technology Platform Photovoltaic Austria

Between research institutions and the economic system the way has been paved to initiate joint R&D projects. Common research activities have been initiated and intensified to be able to position local companies in international niche markets for photovoltaics.

Haus der Zukunft

ThermSat - pilot training program "Thermal renovation engineer in construction industry"

The goal was to design, offer, evaluate and refine a practical training, adapted to the current development. Aim of the courses is to have well-trained engineers and technicians with practical and theoretical knowledge in the field of thermal renovation of buildings.

Haus der Zukunft

BIGMODERN - Subproject 11: Dissemination of project results

The project is part of the flagship project BIGMODERN. It aims at disseminating all relevant results of BIGMODERN in a comprehensive and targeted way. It addresses different target groups, such as decision makers inside the BIG Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft, various users of federal buildings and other real estate companies nationally and internationally.

Haus der Zukunft

Model Predictive Control of Thermally Active Building Systems and Monitoring of two Test-Boxes

A robust, predictive controller which utilises weather forecast data to control thermally active building systems had been designed, researched and assessed in terms of energy efficiency and comfort compared to standard controllers, especially for cooling purposes. Simulations and real measurements using two "Test-Boxes" with thermally active building systems which are constructed and built for this purpose were used to analyse energy efficiency and comfort. Low complexity and transparency of methods and solutions should allow for transferability of all results to guarantee maximum usability for similar applications.

Haus der Zukunft The Open Content knowledge and learning platform

The objective of the project was to develop online teaching materials on the topics energy-efficient buildings and renewable energy sources in collaboration with technical vocational schools and vocational higher secondary schools.

Haus der Zukunft

PassiveHouseDataBase - International Passive House and Passive House Plus Database

About 3.000 buildings are documented, all of them show a high level of comfort and follow energy and building technique standards for passive houses and plus-passive houses. By integration of object and evaluation data, the database will become the worldwide basis for extremely energy efficient buildings and because of its multilingualism and quality assurance opens up new sustainable export possibilities.

Haus der Zukunft

Building and modernising with "Building of Tomorrow"

The project BauModern turned to non-profit and commercial housing developers and real estate managements. In close co-operation with the federations of the housing and real estate economy has been achieved that builders are informed about market-suited innovative technologies and concepts and use these strengthened for their projects both in the new building and in the refurbishment.

Stadt der Zukunft

PLAISIR - Planning Innovation: Learning form socially innovative energy projects

PLAISIR analyses socially innovative energy projects in structurally disadvantaged regions and therefore is the first project working in the research gap at the interface between social capital-oriented endogenous regional development and resource-oriented energy planning. The practice of socially innovative energy planning is analysed in the context of spatial structural, spatial energy planning development paths at the regional level with the aim to identify region specific and the project-specific factors of social innovation in energy-oriented planning.