Building of Tomorrow for the construction industry

Dissemination of results of the research initiative "Building of tomorrow" for two specific target groups - master builder and installer - implementation in further vocational training concepts

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Dissemination of results of the research initiative "Building of tomorrow" for two specific target groups - master builder and installer - implementation in further vocational training concepts

The aim of this project is the transfer of the results of the research done in this field to the Austrian construction industry. This aim should be reached in close cooperation with the respective professional representatives. The Federal Guild of Building Trades (Bundesinnung Bau) represents together with the nine provincial guilds, the interests of approximately 10,000 Austrian construction companies. The plumbing and heating contractors` Guild represents about 2,500 companies within the branches of plumbing, heating and ventilation with a total of more than 30,000 employees in Austria.

In order to reach the goal of the above mentioned „transfer of information“, already available information pertaining to the „Building for Tomorrow“ project was worked on and filtered so as to find out the nature of the needs and requirements of the target groups and how to meet these best, accordingly. In addition, this given information was then closely scrutinised, discussed and adapted according to the requirements of the target group. These requirements were identified and specified in the course of several one-on-one interviews and group discussions. As already outlined in the project concept, the further development and adaptation of professional training in this field, by the guild on the one hand as well as the project team on the other, was considered the best means to facilitate the mentioned information transfer. It was also perceived as crucial to have a close look at other "Building of Tomorrow" projects as well as various other initiatives in this field in order to assure the efficiency and thus the success of this project.

In 2009, therefore, a new training program is being developed for the construction sector. This program is closely linked to the „klima:aktiv“ initiative (within the Building trades´ guild) and contains for the first time abundant information regarding the passive house. The comprehensive information on and representation of divers passive house concepts of „Building for the Future“ is considered invaluable as well as the well-documented operational experiences. In cooperation with the Building Energy and Environment Cluster Bau.Energie.Umwelt Cluster Niederösterreich (ecoplus, Lower Austria), a new and comprehensive training course on energy reservation was started in November 2008. Before, this course had been subdivided into seven courses, three of which were carried out by the building colleges of the Tyrol, Upper Austria and Styria. Outcomes of the research done pertaining to the „Building of Tomorrow“ project have been incorporated into the scripts used in this new course, the guidelines regarding new standards for older buildings are, likewise, part of the curriculum.

Concerning training programs for installers of plumbing and heating systems, further education has been organised since 2009. This course is called „Building the house of the future - installation concepts for energy saving building techniques“ and has been designed for engineers in companies that deal with the installation of heating and plumbing systems. Furthermore, these courses are run by the national plumbing, heating and ventilation guild in Lower Austria and should be offered, in accordance with the „klima aktiv“ cooperation, throughout Austria in the near future. The main objective of these training courses is to use energy more (or better: most) efficiently when renovating old buildings and constructing new ones - in this respect it is crucial to take into consideration all the possible potential that may already be given with regard to existing buildings and the best way to make use of this potential for saving energy. The technical know how displayed by the „Building of Tomorrow“ demonstration buildings, which has been well-documented in the process, is ditto considered crucial and valuable. A half-day special lecture designed for former students and graduates of the course „renovation and revitalisation“ was designed and then run on the 13th February 2009 in the building and environment department at the „Danube University“ in Krems.

The information offered by the existing media and education server (share house) of the program is completed with further projects. E-learning was provided using the existing "green academy" operated in a co-operation of Austrian Institute for Building Biology and Ecology, Academy Mostviertel and klima:aktiv. In addition to course materials and links there are provided tests. In this project, 60 multiple choice exercises were developed, to learn more about ventilation, one of the key topics in low energy housing. The test will be expanded and updated, and play an essential role for the proposed generalization of the training and the necessary expansion of the pool of trainers.

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