ECR Energy City Graz - subproject 2: Framework-Plan Energy City Graz-Reininghaus

Main project-issue is the scientific work and the demonstration of the vision of the energy self-sufficient, CO2-neutral city-district Graz-Reininghaus. The Framework-Plan Energy City Graz-Reininghaus shall stimulate an awareness-raising process towards energy-efficient and sustainable city-development.

Short Description

This project is a sub project of the flagship project "ECR Energy City Graz - Reininghaus".




Starting point / motivation

On the basis of the solidarity between the City Planning Department of the City of Graz, the Graz University of Technology and the Country of Styria, the processing of the submitted lead-project has been conceived.

The research team is composed of the Graz University of Technology represented by the Institute of Urbanism, the Institute of Thermal Engineering and the Institute of Technology and Testing of Building Materials. The environmental department of the City of Graz, the “Umweltamt der Stadt Graz” and the “Energie Graz” are providing additional professional input. If required, other experts and departments of the City of Graz will be involved into the project.

Contents and goals

Issue 1: Research for and demonstration of the vision for an energy self-sufficient and CO2 neutral city district Graz-Reininghaus.

The conception of energy self-sufficiency for the city-district Graz-Reininghaus will enable supply-guarantee for a long term and shows on the other hand, that future urban habitats will be able to ensure their own energy-supply.

Issue 2: Initiation and scientific support of a development process for the sustainable city district Graz-Reininghaus.

Since 2010 the ECR team works actively on the networking of different stakeholders from administration, politics and economy. This work includes workshops and meetings, where ideas are created and discussed. The main issue of the project consists in introducing a continuous awareness-raising and motivation based on the systematical integration of relevant stakeholders and dissemination of the results.

Methods of treatment

To reach the project-goals, four work packages have been defined.

The first work package is a survey study about offer and demand, the locally available energy potential versus the demand. Work package 2, consists in drawing up the concept for the overall energy concept, based on the survey study of the locally available energy-potential. Energetically specific values for Graz- Reininghaus – to be developed in a third work package – are based on the work-packages mentioned before, and on the process optimization, the organization and communication within work package 4.

Within the process-optimization the working steps will repeat several times in a loop, to evaluate the different construction scenarios.

Expected results / conclusions

  • Conception of an energy- self-sufficient city district Graz-Reininghaus
  • Initiation and supervision of the development-process for the energy-optimized and sustainable city district Graz-Reininghaus.
  • Drawing-up guidelines, recommendations and a checklist for future energy-optimized city developments in Graz and Styria.
  • Development of energetically specific values for the anchorage in private-legal contracts between the City of Graz and future investors, promoted by incentive systems like bonus cubage/ higher housing density for building implementation.
  • Concepts for the integration of the energetically specific values in suitable manner in local plans/ regulations (City Development Concept STEK Graz, City-District-Development-Concept Graz-Reininghaus and Development Plans for the 20 city-quarters).

Project Partners

Project management

Graz University of Technology, Institute of Urbanism

Project- or cooperation partners

  • Research Team Framework Plan Energy
    • Graz University of Technology – Institute of Urbanism
    • Graz University of Technology – Institute of Thermal Engineering
    • Graz University of Technology – Institute of Electrical Power Systems
    • Graz University of Technology – Institute of Technology and Testing of Building Materials
    • If needed, more institutes of the Graz, University of Technology will be involved
  • City of Graz – Stadtbaudirektion Graz
    • Bertram Werle
    • Kai-Uwe Hoffer
    • Heike Falk

Contact Address

Ernst Rainer
Graz University of Technology – Institute of Urbanism
Rechbauerstrasse 12,8010 Graz
Tel.: +43 (676) 966 45 65