Online reference for ecologically rated building construction details suitable for achieving Passivhaus standard

An already well-established web database management system is being adapted to present the contents of a catalogue of building elements for the Passivhaus standard. A wider distribution of the contents and future extensions of the catalogue by distributed workgroups are the promises of the project.

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All regular cross sections published in the book IBO Details for Passive Houses should be fed into a proven web-based database system and published online. Central contents of the book should be made available for information, training and easy extension.

Contents and Methodology

The system Öbox, now part of the newly founded baubook GmbH was chosen for the implementation of the online reference. It is able to create dynamically drawings of cross sections from tabular construction data.


IBO Details for Passive Houses in its online version, based on the baubook construction tool, offers:

  • 69 regular cross sections in two versions each: "usual" and "alternative", meaning ecologically optimised, thus 138 regular cross sections

Each regular cross section is presented with:

  • a dynamically produced multicoloured drawing, building physical data: heat transfer coefficient U-value, area-related mass, total thickness, and the integrated ecological index OI3KON

A table of construction data giving, for each layer, values for:

  • heat conductivity, heat resistance, primary energy content (non-renewable), global warming potential and acidification potential

Users can copy construction details and change them. Omitting or adding layers, any combination of homogeneous or non-homogeneous layers, changes of the thickness or the material specification of a layer, changes of the position of a layer within the construction are possible. Drawings and calculated values are recalculated and updated immediately. Effects of changes become visible promptly. Changed construction details can be saved in the system.

The online version of IBO Details for Passive Houses is suitable for detail development and for training purposes. It is a fine supplement for the printed publication. The online reference was launched in November 2008. URL:

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Project management

Dr. Tobias Waltjen
IBO - Österreichisches Institut für Baubiologie und -ökologie [Austrian Institute for Healthy and Ecological Building]

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Dr. Tobias Waltjen
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