plusFacades - International know-how- and knowledge transfer of "intelligent Facade systems" for Austrian players and key personnel

The project proceeds from the idea that prefabricated intelligent facade systems represent a promising technology for the energy efficient refurbishment of buildings. A goal is to process the present international state-of-the-art and the existing know-how to this topic for Austrian experts.

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Starting point / motivation

The project proceeds from the idea that prefabricated intelligent facade systems represent a promising technology for the energy efficient refurbishment of buildings. Towards „plus energy buildings”, a particularly high value must be granted to the multiple function of the building shell. Based on positive experiences further international examples of innovative facade systems for the energy efficient refurbishment of big residential buildings of the 1960´s-1970´s are to be determined now. The processing of the information for a special – however very frequently occurring and for CO2-saving in the building sector particularly relevant – building type, is to demonstrate the direct negotiability and to ensure a transferability on buildings with similar building typology.


The project focuses on facade systems with special additional benefits in the sense of the program goals. For example, facade systems with integrated energy production by means of renewable energies just like such that provide intelligent solutions for the building integration of building services components (heating, cooling/air conditioning and ventilation) or exhibit particularly efficient facadeand wall elements.

Methods of treatment

In a first step a broad knowledge base over refurbishment projects with innovative prefabricated facade systems was made. These results were discussed and evaluated in a group of “building of tomorrow” experts and ten innovative „best practice“examples were selected by the participants for a resuming documentation and treatment.

The results were linked with existing knowledge from preceding “building of tomorrow” projects (e-retrofit kit - tool kit for passive house retrofit, Practice Guide for Sustainable Building Sanitation and Modernisation within Construction Intents, Demonstration project etc.) and put into an additional thematical relationship with the building typology of the residential building construction of the 1960´s and 1970's.

In the further procedure the dissemination of the results are intended. On one hand, the results will be presented for a group of “building of tomorrow” experts. On the other hand, a publication of the results in an architectural journal (Architektur- und Bauforum, supplement SKIN) is aimed.

Results and goals

A goal was to process the present state-of-the-art and the existing know-how and knowledge for Austrian experts. The result of this study is predominantly addressed to planners and decision makers in the building sector. Thereby, the group of authority on energy-efficient building technology and the project managers of demonstration projects are directly involved in the evaluation and elaboration process. Technology leadership in key technologies of energy efficient buildings reached by the program “building of tomorrow” is to be further developed and strengthened. A well founded technological basis for a further development toward „plus energy buildings“ is going to be provided.


To make high-quality prefabricated façade-systems economically competitive the further development toward standardization will be a logical next step. A promising development lies in the combination of timber constructions with integrated solar elements (solar heat collectors, photovoltaic etc.) or elements of the building services (lines, ventilation devices etc.). Prefabricated timber facade elements in the building modernization were already tested successfully at some pilot projects. In this context questions of the fire protection, noise control and the statics are to be clarified more intensively.

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DI Dr. Edeltraud Haselsteiner

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  • DI Thomas Zelger, DI (FH) Felix Heisinger
    IBO - Österreichisches Institut für Baubiologie und -ökologie (Wärmebrückenberechungen)

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