monitorPlus. Monitoring of pilot projects of the Austrian RTD-program Building of Tomorrow Plus

All pilot projects of "Building of Tomorrow Plus" had to be evaluated in a common monitoring project on energy efficiency, user's acceptance, and the integrated building performance. monitorPlus documented and assessed the results of this evaluation.

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Starting point / motivation

The project "Monitor PLUS" represents the continuation of the already in the program "Building of Tomorrow" initiated evaluation of demonstration buildings with high innovation content. The monitoring of these demonstration buildings allows the benchmark of the projects with projects outside of the "Building of Tomorrow" and takes care on powerful quality assurance inside the construction projects of the research program.

Contents and objectives

For selected demonstration buildings, which were part of the key projects of the program a comprehensive holistic project evaluation using the ÖGNB evaluation methodology has been performed. This holistic assessment approach includes also standardized energy consumption monitoring and monitoring of the indoor thermal comfort. In addition to this the satisfaction of the users was evaluated and analyzed during operation.


The project "monitor plus" continues the successful evaluation already started within the program line "Building of Tomorrow" including highly innovative buildings. So that comparability is given between the evaluation of the already existing demonstration buildings and new ones, the existing methods are continued in the area of energy monitoring and the elevation of the acceptance by users: Comparable energy balances in detail for the evaluated buildings and deep knowledge with regard to the acceptance of the converted technologies and styles at users is the result. Additionally the integrated building assessment has been completely redesigned, and TQB is now used by the Austrian Council for Sustainable Construction. Both the assessment depth and the proof density increased in this case. The assessment of numerous quality criteria is carried out along the complete life cycle of the building. Measurements of the soundproofing and interior air quality complete known obliging measurements like the air tightness by a Blower Door test. The project is completed by communication and dissemination measures (web platform, representative publication, presentations at conferences and congresses).

The results of this project confirm the high quality of the built demonstration buildings in an impressive way.

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Robert Lechner
Austrian Institute of Ecology

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