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IEA 4E Workshop - Addressing product lifetime, repairability, and resource efficiency: what can we learn from current trends in European product policy

21. September 2023
Online, Lund, SE

This workshop provides an opportunity to better understand and learn about a range of circular economy issues alongside energy efficiency product policies in the EU. The increasing awareness of the influence of product lifetimes on related GHG emissions and other environmental issues is giving rise to policies to promote durability and repairability.

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Post Combustion Capture Conference (PCCC-7)

25. - 27. September 2023
Station Square Sheraton, Pittsburgh (PA), USA

This conference aims to be a forum to discuss the various issues related to post-combustion capture technologies status and development. For the 7th time, the most diverse aspects of these processes will be discussed during a three-day international conference

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The European Recycling Conference 2023

28. September 2023
Brussels (Belgium)

Top-level speakers from both industry and policy making will update the audience on the latest economic and policy aspects.

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IEA HEV Task 45 - Electrified Roadways (E-Roads) Workshop #5

09. - 10. October 2023
Södertälje, SE

In the bi-annual meeting the participating countries will gather information, gain first-hand knowledge of how this technology is progressing and identify specific areas that may be of critical interes for further research.

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EU Circular Talks: Critical Raw Materials - Improving existing life cycles of products to supply European markets

11. October 2023

The ECESP Leadership Group on Critical Raw Materials is holding this #EUCircularTalks to highlight opportunities to improve existing life cycles for products containing CRMs.

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Bioenergy in a Net Zero Future

19. October 2023
Hôtel Mercure – Lyon Centre Charpennes, 7 place Charles Hernu, 69100 Villeurbanne, Lyon, FR

This workshop aims to discuss the role of bioenergy in the transition to a carbon neutral energy systems. The focus will be on policies and strategies to support the role of bioenergy in the energy transition and on the flexibility of bioenergy in the energy system, the use of biogenic CO2 and promising developments in bioenergy concepts.

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ISEC 2024 - International Sustainable Energy Conference

10. – 11. April 2024
Messecongress Graz, Austria

The focus of ISEC 2024 will be on how we can achieve energy sovereignty within a time horizon dictated by climate change and defined by politics.