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Measures for Minimisation of Rebound-Effects Concerning Residential Building Renovation (MARESI)

Development of a pragmatic assessment scheme applicable to building practice for the impact of building products on human health

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Facilitated decision-making procedures for sustainable refurbishment of residential properties

Participation in the refurbishment process: Monitoring of concrete refurbishment projects and development of guidelines to optimise the planning, information and decision-making processes in the course of the refurbishment of residential properties

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Acceptance and improvement of low-energy-house components as a mutual learning process for users and producers

A social scientific investigation of acceptance and dissemination strategies for controlled ventilation systems with waste heat recovery and a joint heating system in low energy and passive houses.

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An analysis of the factors supporting and hindering the market penetration of innovative residential buildings

An empirical analysis of the most important factors in supporting or hindering the market diffusion of selected technologies or different innovative residential concepts.

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Pathways to sustainable construction. Experiences and prospective European research strategies

The aim of this study is to investigate the international research context of the programme "Building of Tomorrow" (with a focus on central, eastern and southern European countries) and to identify co-operation potentials.

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Active transfer from "Building of tomorrow" Know How to the network "partner network sustainable construction Charinthia, nabaupool Charinthia"

Knowledge transfer from "Building of tomorrow" projects into the network "partner network sustainable construction Charinthia, nabaupool Charinthia" consisting of key actors of the building sector. Establishing a "Building of tomorrow" knowledge transfer centre Charinthia including infrastructure (Library) for all actors of the building sector. Conference and workshop with key actors (24.11.2006) taking place in Technologiepark Villach.

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Product and system development for an inside thermal insulation construction of historical houses using magnesite bonded wood wool panels

The objective of this project is to examine the ability of magnesite bonded wood wool panels as an inside thermal insulation system, especially for houses with historical facades and to acquire starting points for further development of the products and components being used. Parallel to the data which will be calculated in a theoretical FEM-model, a field trial will be carried out to prove the influence on the inside room climate. In addition the sustainability of the system will be analysed.

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Information point for renewable and ecological materials (II) online information plus service offer

Development and maintainance of the internet platform for building materials made of renewable resources at, which serves the central information-point for important stake holders - private house builders, architects, master-builders and experts in the field of building laws.

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Inter-linked design as a strategy towards sustainable buildings - removing deficiencies of learning and of diffusion

The aim is to investigate the role of inter-linked design team organisation in the design of sustainable buildings and to formulate ready-to-use recommendations and guidelines for dissemination.

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Evaluation of the planning and building processes of multi-storey wooden construction residential and office buildings, and the development of measures to optimise these processes.

An analysis of the building and planning processes of multi-storey wooden construction residential and office buildings, taking into consideration the opinions of the professionals involved (planners, building contractors, building executives), then the development, documentation and distribution of ways to optimise these processes, using "Info-Tool" software.

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OPTISOL - Demonstration objects accompanied by measurement techniques for optimised and standardised solar systems in the construction of residential buildings for several families

The implementation of optimised solar heat supply systems in the construction of residential buildings for several families within the framework of an in-depth test.