Practicable and passive house capable renovation systems for roof and wall units using high-performance thermal insulation

Renovation of a semidetached house using vacuum insulation panel in area of wall, roof and terrace. The very first time the mechanical mounting systems from VIP is used for special applications in the renovation of facades.

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Over 800,000 single family homes were constructed during the post-war period. These buildings reach an average annual heating energy consumption of more than 200 kWh/m²a. In the meantime, the trend in renovation is to apply 16 cm and more of heat insulation material to the facade. Current energy prices leave us with no choice. Very many of these buildings exhibit thermal weakspots which, due to space limitations, cannot be eliminated with traditional insulation materials at all or require very high expenditures to do so. Vacuum insulation has developed more and more in recent years into a first-class 'troubleshooter'. Product-specific restrictions (sensitive surface quality, rigid panel dimensions, long lead times, high prices, etc.) were obstacles which spoke against this kind of insulation up to now. With the development of two easy-to-use mounting and handling methods, this process was initially successfully used for a new building (light laboratory project at the Danube University in Krems) in the year 2004. What would therefore be more logical than to completely renovate a house from the 1960s with vacuum insulation?


The terraced house in Salzburg in the suburb of Aigen was erected in the 1960s by architect and professor Garstenauer. For the past 5 years it has been owned by the Andre Family. This building was brought up to the standard of a low energy house through appropriate insulation on the facade, terrace and on the flat roof as well as through the use of innovative glass elements.

With the help of vacuum insulation and alu-panelled PUR insulation elements this insulation system of only 5 cm thickness replaced the already existing 5 cm thick EPS insulation. Due to the use of vacuum insulation, the optical appearance of the facade was not disturbed (no jutting out between the two house halves).


From all of the applied systems, the 3D roof-system seems to be the best at the moment as far as usage goes, closely followed by mechanical mounting systems. Both systems feature the possibility to achieve a VIP surface which completely covers the whole wall and/or roof without requiring VIP fitting-pieces.


Based upon this exemplary renovation it has been determined that:

the mechanical mounting systems from VIP will first and foremost be used for special applications in the renovation of facades.

the 3D roof-system has once again proven its strengths. Once the relevant construction-approval permits have been obtained, there will be nothing left to stop a very successful breakthrough.

interest in the method has been actively expressed to the authors from parties in Austria, Italy, Switzerland and Germany. Already existing distribution channels and links can hereby be exploited. In such a way it seems certain that this new technology can establish itself on the market within the next 5 years.


The next step is to obtain all relevant construction-approval permits for the vacuum insulation. Further, the consumer price should very soon be noticeably lower, particularly as far as standard panel dimensions are concerned.

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Project manager

BM Dipl. HTL Ing. Anton Ferle MSc, Gruppe Blitzblau Austria Essl - Ferle OEG

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  • Bauherr
    Familie Annemarie und Marek Andre
    Baumbichlstr. 56, 5026 Salzburg
    Tel.: +43 (662) 634266
  • Dach und Wand
    Dagn GesmbH & Co. KG
    Kaltenbach 33, 6345 Kössen
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  • Wandsysteme
    Firmengruppe Synthesa, Fries-Burgholzer, Glemadur
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    Kuster Harald Sanitär
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  • Glasfassade
    Glas & Rahmen Gesellschaft mbH
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  • Dübel
    EJOT Austria GmbH
    Grazer Vorstadt 146, 8570 Voitsberg
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  • VIP
    Vaku-Isotherm GmbH
    Mittweidaer Straße 26, D-09661 Rossau
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  • Profile f. WDVS
    APU AG
    Hr. Müller Stefan
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    Villas Austria GmbH
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