Documentary on 3sat "The future of living"

Production of a 45 minutes film about living in the future.

Content Description




3sat Austria prepared a documentary about the newest developments of buildings.

The following questions were discussed:

  • How is today's living planed and tested for the future?
  • Which effects have the partially rapid developments with materials and technologies?
  • How are glass, concrete, steel, aluminium and classical building materials such as wood used in the future?
  • Which role plays the computer in architectural designs and what effect does that have on the equipment of apartments?
  • Furthermore new spatial forms and allocations, furnishing and lighting, the interaction between inside and outside will be of interest.

Examples from all German-speaking countries were shown;

Developers of technologies were asked.

Innovative architects and users showed their perspective of future living.

The basic need "living" was discussed as broadly as possible under today's and future conditions.

Project Partners

Project team

Project manager:
  • Christoph Gretzmacher
  • Dr. Doris Fercher


Christoph Gretzmacher
Rotenlöwengasse 7
A 1090 Wien
Tel.: +43 664 1016615
Dr. Doris Fercher
Heumühlgasse 14
A 1040 Wien
Tel. +43 1 587 47 51
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