EXPO HdZ: Best of Diffusion

Conception and implementation of measures to spread selected results from the house of the future - program to the building industry, in particular to meet the target groups architects, builders and building developers.

Content Description




The general objective of "Building of Tomorrow`s" transfer phase ist to disseminate innovation elaborated within the program. The focus of this project is the domestic building. The communication is directed to the planner as well as to the developer and investor.

Selected results from Building of Tomorrow were communicated in a three step procedure:

1. Desk review and selection of project related innovation, 2. Evaluation of the dissemination potential in cooperation with representatives of the bigger target groups, 3. Compilation of information and dissemination to the target groups

The following results are available for further use:

  • 45 Poster presenting innovative aspects from Building of Tomorrow
  • Evaluation of results of Building of Tomorrow by a working group representing the target groups
  • 180 files (photos, graphs also in printable quality, short descriptions etc.) available via: www.HausderZukunft.at/presse

For developers and planners active in Vienna information was provided in december 2007 in cooperation with wohnfonds wien (fund for building). Aim was to present innovation from Building of Tomorrow and to contribute by this to enhanced eco quality of building in Vienna.

Innovation was also implemented in training material for the Austrian climate protection initiative klima:aktiv, invitations for lectures and to write articles in journals were accepted.

Dissemination activities could be started with the Eco Building Cluster Lower Austria and Salzburg's network baueninnovativ and the chamber of Commerce (environmental group). By this, a new project proposal for further dissemination activities could be prepared.

Building of Tomorrow could be presented in Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia. Due to the great interest three excursions for planners from Slovenia could be realised in spring 2007.

As a general recommendation of the addressed target group can be summarized, that further research for the practical aspects, including maintainance and monitoring are wishful to reduce the risks of innovative building, which are generally estimated to be rather high.

Project Partners

Project management

DI Johannes Fechner, 17&4 Organisationsberatung GmbH

Project or cooperation partner

  • Österreichisches Ökologie-Institut
    Robert Lechner
    Seidengasse 13, A-1070 Wien
    Tel.: +43-1-523 61 05-0
    E-Mail: oekoinstitut@ecology.at
  • bauXund forschung und beratung GmbH
    Dr. Thomas Belazzi
    Billrothstraße 2, A-1190 Wien
    Tel.: +43/1/36070-841
    E-Mail: office@bauxund.at
  • Institut für konstruktiven Ingenieurbau (IKI) der Universität für Bodenkultur Wien
    Peter Jordan-Straße 82, A-1190 Wien
    Tel.: +43-1-47654-5250
    E-Mail: martin.treberspurg@boku.ac.at
  • Institut für Wärmetechnik (IWT) Technische Universität Graz
    Inffeldgasse 25/B, A-8010 Graz
    Tel.: +43-316-873-7301
    E-Mail: office.iwt@tugraz.at


DI Johannes Fechner
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