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Stadt der Zukunft

GLASGrün - Regulation of climate, energy demand and comfort in GLASS buildings through structurally integrated vertical GREEN

Development of vertical vegetation systems for summergreen shading of glass facades of food retail and commercial areas. GLASGrün generates quantitative data on energy and microclimate balance and qualitative data on user perception. The results are guidelines for scalable and transferable constructive solutions with maintenance and management plans.

Stadt der Zukunft

GreenDeal4Real - Improving the thermal comfort in mixed-use areas through cost-effective green infrastructure

The aim of the project is to avoid overheating in summer by using innovative greening measures in the mixed residential and commercial area Aspernstraße/Lavaterstraße. The development of a guideline should facilitate the realisation of climate-sensitive projects from strategy to actual implementation and ensure a high degree of transferability to other areas.

Stadt der Zukunft

LooPi - the autonomous unisex plant-based urinal for public spaces

Application of the prototype in the operational environment for a period of 20 months. Technical monitoring thoughout the cycle of seasons, user interviews concerning satisfaction, evaluation of the potential use of LooPi material streams as soil conditioner for organic farming. Results serve the development towards market maturity.