MEIDLINGER "L"-Participatory and scalable climate change adaptations in existing buildings at the intersection of public and private space

The project pursues an integral and interdisciplinary approach to climate change adaptation in existing buildings at the interface between public and private space. A scalable and multipliable model for Vienna and other cities will be developed.

Short Description

Initial situation/motivation

The project MEIDLINGER "L" defines as objective the preparation of an urban Grätzl transformation in the Rosaliagasse at the Meidlinger Markt in Vienna in order to achieve a local contribution to the achievement of climate goals and a climate change adaptation and improvement of the Grätzl situation together with the City of Vienna and the citizens as well as business and science.

The project is submitted by GRÜNSTATTGRAU, to overcome the "missing link" that represents the achievement of an important milestone for the mission of the Innovation Lab. Therefore, public authorities (MA18, MA22), population (citizens' initiative MEI MEIDLING), architecture and participation (EIGENSINN), economy (GRÜNSTATTGRAU, Scharinger) and science (BOKUIBLB, TBW Research) will be contacted together in order to develop a scalable and multipliable model for Vienna and other cities.

Contents and objectives

The project follows a holistic approach and answers questions of process design, legal, financial, organizational and social framework conditions as well as technical questions concerning combinable greening and energy technologies. It clarifies the barriers and obstacles for implementation, installation and maintenance as well as for financing models and provides solutions to overcome them.

Methodical approach

The concept of the MEIDLINGER "L" addresses the question: How can climate change adaptations be realized in existing buildings, at the interface of public and private space, in order to reduce urban heat islands and to strengthen the self-organization of the inhabitants?
Innovative ways for new public-private partnerships and sustainable financing models are being explored. In addition to enhancing public space (horizontal level), the goal is to provide additional green open space to housing through individually configurable balcony modules (vertical level).

Expected results

By exploring the MEIDLINGER "L", a further new field of experimentation in the field of smart user participation, the reduction of barriers and setting up lighthouse projects across borders will be prepared and opened in a co-creative way. The exploratory project serves as a preparation of a demo project (prototype), which is to be realized at Rosaliagasse 1-7 in Meidling.

MEI MEIDLING - The participative climate-grätzl project

Design basis and visualization for the MEIDLINGER "L" concept

Project Partners

Project management

GRÜNSTATTGRAU Research- und Innovations GmbH

Project or cooperation partners

  • public authorities: MA18, MA22
  • citizens' initiative MEI MEIDLING
  • Architecture and participation: EIGENSINN Sigrid Mayer
  • Economy: A GRÜNSTATTGRAU, Scharinger
  • Science: BOKU-IBLB, TBW Research
  • Financing: LOI donor CONDA and financial expert Dr. Christian Temmel
  • Legal advice: LOI donor Peter Wirth

Contact Address

DI Susanne Formanek
Favoritenstrasse 50
A-1040 Vienna
Tel.: +43 (966) 424 37 420
Web: www.grü