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Fabrik der Zukunft

RISKMIN - Risk minimization along the value-added chain of plants to the colouring pigments

RISKMIN is a project for the mitigation of risks along the supply chain of plant raw material to the provision of plant dyestuff. Considering the measures concerning risk mitigation, a business plan for a plant dyestuff manufacturer for the effective realization of the business idea was created.

Nachhaltig Wirtschaften


From an idea to a trade product ready for marketing: Plant dyes for the textile industry.

Fabrik der Zukunft

Watersorption - Water absorption of Wood Plastic Composites

Analysis of the water absorption in Wood Plastic Composites (WPC) in order to develop solutions to decrease and stop water absorption. This enables a big variety of new applications made of WPC and brings economical and ecological advantages for the polymer processing industries.

Fabrik der Zukunft

Wood Plastic Composite - Direct extrusion

Development of a wood composite direct dosing system

Fabrik der Zukunft

Wood Plastic Composites

Fabrik der Zukunft

Wood Plastic Composites - Development of an extrusion tool

Development of a new generation extrusion tool for a wood plastic composite. This material will be developed in a second project an should show a fiber content of 60 - 85%. Important is a high profile quality as well as a high output to ensure an economical production.

Fabrik der Zukunft

Wood Plastic Composites - New property profile by refiner fibres

The mechanical properties and thus the application area of wood plastic composites with a wood content > 60 % shall be explicit increased by means of long wood fibres. The realization of a technological direct feeding system in extrusion process will enable an innovation jump of this wood like material.