Wood Plastic Composites - Development of an extrusion tool

Development of a new generation extrusion tool for a wood plastic composite. This material will be developed in a second project an should show a fiber content of 60 - 85%. Important is a high profile quality as well as a high output to ensure an economical production.

Short Description




Wood-fiber-extrusion with a higher content of thermoplastic material is known since a longer time and will be used in some applications. At this materials the wood-fiber is a filler, and not, as at the new developing material a composite- or reinforcing material. At a high content of wood-fiber the well-known processing- and tooling technologies are not suitable. The quality of the profile will not be sufficient and the low output is not economical.

With the now planed processing- and tooling-technology should be reached a high profile quality as well as a economical profile production.

Contents and aims


Process- tooling technology:

  • gentle treatment of fibres
  • avoiding of flowline mistakes
  • reducing of blate out in the die
  • calibration without stress
  • output: up to 5m/min
  • coextrusion with different thermoplastic materials, especially with PP


  • compact surface
  • gloss of surcace can be influenced > high shining to dull
  • material- and processoptimized geometry
  • high mechanical properties like modulus of elasticity, impact strength, tear strength



  • optimization respectively reducing of pressure consumption
  • reducing of average length of stay of the material
  • gentle treatment of material during the shaping process > steady reducing of lateral flow
  • coex feeding short before die opening at a low back pressure and an optimized angle of feeding stream

Calibration technology

  • closed methode of operation between die and calibration > gloss plate technology
  • compressing of extrudate after die opening

Method of procedure

  • analysis of state
  • planning / making a draft
  • construction of tool
  • making of tool
  • adaption of experimental plant
  • trials and tuning in tuning department
  • examination and analysis
  • conclusion report

Expected results

The expectation for this project is, that in connection with a new to developing material an extrusiontool can be developed, with which profiles made of a woodfiber - plastic compound can be produced which shows not only plainly improved quality but also enables an economical production than the till now known technologies.

Project Partners

Project management

Leopold Weiermayer
Greiner Extrusionstechnik GmbH

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