IEA PVPS Task 1: PV Analysis and Outreach

Since the start of the IEA photovoltaics program in 1993, this task has carried out analyzes of worldwide photovoltaic development, from which the program's key work areas are also derived. This gives Task 1 strategic importance for the overall PVPS program. The participation of all PVPS countries in this task is mandatory to ensure high quality of data and analysis.

Short Description

Especially since the energy crisis, even the highest-ranking political representatives see photovoltaics as a key element in the replacement of the fossil energy age;. Since 1993, the photovoltaic program of the IEA (IEA Photovoltaic Power Systems Program) has been working together to establish this technology as an important source of global electricity supply. As one of the largest technology programs in the IEA framework, 31 members from 27 participating countries and 4 associations are currently sending a total of more than 350 experts to the eight current working groups (tasks). Task 1 – PV Strategic Analysis and Outreach is a mandatory task of the PVPS program for all participating countries; among other things, since all members use this task activity to determine the national photovoltaic key figures, which are included in the annual main publications of the program, the trends report, the snapshot report and the national survey reports, which have been providing annual statistical and market overviews since 1993.

In addition, the task fulfils another role: through Internat. Exchange of knowledge and knowledge dissemination in technical, economic, legal, ecological and social aspects of photovoltaics (PV) from all IEA-PVPS member countries and beyond, new priorities should be set in the overall program and initiatives in the member countries should be encouraged, giving the task a strategic task for the entire program.

Austria benefits from active participation in international photovoltaic networks, as the trend towards developing photovoltaics into a leading power generation technology can be observed in many countries.

The ongoing update of the comprehensive homepage - a repository of all reports created in over 30 years, the "PVPower" newsletter with results from all IEA PVPS tasks, as well as special information activities are also carried out via Task 1. In addition, ad-hoc working groups are formed, such as the "PV and market" task force initiated and led by Austria. There is an ongoing exchange between new and old energy suppliers with Task 1 experts on various questions of business models in which PV is significantly involved.

Due to the "support function" for the entire program, Task 1 activities are closely linked to the activities in the Executive Committee (ExCo); Like some other countries, Austria is represented on both bodies by the same person. Since April 2011, Hubert Fechner has also been deputy head of the IEA-PVPS overall program; Due to this dual function, activities related to Task 1 are constantly occurring that are closely related to the overall responsibility for the program. Task 1 has now become the "think tank" of the overall program. Austria is thus actively involved in shaping the TCP IEA-PVPS to a large extent.

The transfer of the findings from the IEA-PVPS program takes place through active maintenance of a national PV network, which is managed by the Austrian photovoltaic technology platform, annual organization of the Austrian PV conferences, collaboration with the Federal Association of PV Austria, initiation of R&D projects and the sending of IEA PVPS newsletters and various other activities is ensured. The project manager also works as a university lecturer in the photovoltaics sector at universities and technical colleges.

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Hubert Fechner und Lukas Plessing
Österreichische Technologieplattform Photovoltaik
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