Clean Energy Education & Empowerment (C3E International Initiative)

The C3E International Initiative deals with strategies, policies and measures to increase the promotion of women in the field of clean energy and energy research in particular.

Short Description

In the Austrian energy sector, only 19,3 % of employees are female. A positive trend can be seen in companies in the renewable energy sector: Here, the share of women is 10 percentage points higher. The average share of women in management positions is 11% in the energy sector, and 18% in renewable energy companies. (Source: BMLFUW, 2016, Chancengleichheit von Frauen und Männer in der Energiebranche)

The focus of activities in the IEA Technology Collaboration Programme "Clean Energy, Education and Empowerment" (C3E International Initiative) focuses on information exchange and networking to inspire more women to enter into clean energy professions. Through an international award's programme and a career network, the TCP should especially honor women in leadership roles and showcase role models in the clean energy sector.

Austria is currently taking part in all workstreams of the C3E International Initiative und holds the main responsibility for workstream 4:

  • Workstream 1: Data Collection
  • Workstream 2: Ambassadors Programme
  • Workstream 3: Awards Programme
  • Workstream 4: Communication and Website
  • Workstream 5: Equal by 30

In addition to developing creative and audience-specific content for the new C3E website and to dissemination via social media channels, a key aspect of the C3E International Initiative is the direct outreach to relevant stakeholders. Against this background, Austria has a lot to offer: numerous projects on data analysis, network development and communication activities as well as strong technical knowledge.

The planned results are:

  • Application of an innovative method of graph-based databases for data collection and analysis of existing data on topic-specific information, from the share of women in various areas of administration or other sectors, to national policies on gender equality (workstream 1)
  • Attracting Austrian mentors and ambassadors for the "Ambassador Program" (workstream 2)
  • Implementation of a "Women in Energy Breakfast" event series, which is held twice a year and enables the participants to get in contact with other women in the clean energy sector (workstreams 2 - 3)
  • Application assistance to Austrian participants for the annual C3E award program within the framework of the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) (workstream 3)
  • Development and implementation of a broad national communication strategy with a focus on personal and exclusive communication and dialogue, which is reflected in the tailored communication measures (workstream 4)
  • Preparation of imaginative, modern editorial contributions for the new C3E website (workstream 4)
  • Gain more attention, especially in Austria, for the objectives of the "Equal by 30" campaign (workstream 5) and for the C3E International Initiative

The C3E International Initiative is an initiative of the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM), a high-level state organization with the aim of promoting policy measures in the field of clean energy technologies.

The IEA Technology Collaboration Program (TCP) framework is especially suitable for implementing concrete joint activities. As a result, the C3E International Initiative was reorganized in June 2017 as an IEA TCP to provide a stronger organisational structure for the initiative. The BMK joined the C3E TCP in July 2018.



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