IEA Bioenergy Tasks 42: Biorefining in a Circular Economy (Working Period 2022 - 2024)

The aim of the IEA Bioenergy Task 42 is to facilitate the market introduction of environmentally friendly, socially acceptable and economical biorefineries. In addition to networking, the interaction between national and international stakeholders as well as the dissemination of the generated results via workshops, presentations, publications, etc. are important activities.

Short Description

Biorefineries can produce a wide variety of products such as food and feed, platform chemicals, materials, fuels, etc. from renewable raw materials together with energy carriers and therefore make a significant contribution to the establishment of a circular economy.

The international networking of the partner countries in the IEA Bioenergy Task 42 on the topic of biorefineries creates a platform for the cross-national exchange of information, which can generate valuable additional benefits for various stakeholders (politics, R&D, business...). The presentation of selected demonstration projects, the description of national strategies and the respective implementation status as well as the provision of specific reports on relevant biorefinery technologies, feedstocks and application areas are essential focal points of the task work.

The IEA Bioenergy Task 42 has the following focus points in the current triennium:

  1. Presentation and evaluation of biorefineries: For selected case studies of biorefineries, compact summaries (fact sheets) are prepared. These summarize the results of a technological, ecological and economic evaluation (TEE) of biorefineries in a clear way. The assessment and presentation of biorefineries are based on a methodology developed in Task 42 and target in particular technologies with a high degree of development (TRL).
  2. Biorefinery-Atlas: The activities for visualization of biorefinery sites already started in the last triennium will be continued as well as extended. Based on a growing biorefinery database, the geographical location as well as further specific information concerning raw materials, technologies and products can be accessed via an internet portal. This also enables national actors to present their pilot and demonstration project or production site internationally with higher visibility.
  3. Thematic Report on Green Biorefineries: This will describe technologies and products produced from leafy grassland biomass (such as grass, clover or similar) and present various project activities in the thematic field.
  4. Power-to-X Technologies Thematic Report: The report will focus on technologies for the production of "green" hydrogen as well as its further processing into chemicals.
  5. Biorefinery Implementation - Barriers and Incentives: A survey on facilitating and inhibiting factors will be conducted by involving relevant stakeholders.
  6. Country-specific biorefinery status reports will be prepared in the network and selected best practice examples will be described. In this context, a Biorefinery Country Report for Austria will also be prepared.
  7. Networking of national biorefinery stakeholders: During the current triennium, the task management will organize a networking meeting of the national stakeholders once a year. This will promote interaction and exchange of information on a national as well as international level.
  8. Dissemination: The publication of the results generated in the Task as well as other relevant information will be carried out on an ongoing basis primarily via the homepage Nachhaltig Wirtschaften - IEA Kooperation as well as via the webpage of the IEA Bioenergy Task 42.


Publications can be viewed on the page in German.



  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Denmark
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • The Netherlands (Operating Agent)
  • USA

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