IEA - Advanced Motor Fuels Technology Collaboration Programme (AMF-TCP)

The AMF Technology Collaboration Programme’s (AMF-TCP) vision is that advanced motor fuels, applicable to all modes of transport, significantly contribute to a sustainable society around the globe. The mission of AMF is to advance the understanding and appreciation of the potential of advanced motor fuels toward transport sustainability. We provide sound scientific information and technology assessments facilitating informed and science-based decisions regarding advanced motor fuels on all levels of decision-making.

Short Description

AMF offers technology analysis and policy recommendations to support achieving energy policy and environmental sustainability goals. AMF initiates new activities and generates first hand data, whether through cost sharing, task sharing, or a combination of these two modes. Cost-shared activities enable AMF to quickly react to new developments, if necessary. New Annexes can be initiated either top-down or bottom-up and it takes three contracting parties to start up an Annex. Annex reports and key messages are published on the AMF website immediately after completion, and feed into related IEA publications. AMF thus contributes to IEA´s authority on technology analysis, strengthens the IEA's position as a key global clean energy hub, and helps IEA Members and Partner countries to advance the global agenda for energy innovation.

AMF brings stakeholders from different continents together for pooling and leveraging of knowledge and research capabilities in the field of advanced and sustainable transport fuels. Our cooperation enables an exchange of best practices. With our broad geographical representation, we are able to take regional and local conditions into consideration when developing policy briefs and facilitating deployment of new fuel and engine technologies.

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Chile, China, Denmark, Germany, Finland, India, Israel, Japan, Canada, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, South Korea, USA

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Austrian Exco representative

Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology
Dr. Andreas Dorda
Tel.: +43 (1) 71162 653109

Austrian ExCo representative

Austrian Energy Agency
Walter Mauritsch
Tel.: +43 664 965 9251