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Stadt der Zukunft

GreenTech-Renovation - Energetic Renovation of Glass Buildings of Architectural Value

The focus of the GreenTech-Renovation project was to find innovative solutions for the energetic renovation of architecturally valuable buildings with a high proportion of glass. A future-oriented building physics concept that includes the use of alternative forms of energy had been developed for this purpose. With ecological and social commitment, an intelligent usage concept could strengthen the energetic renovation concepts and guarantee their sustainability. The 10-Rs of the circular economy (Refuse, Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Refurbish, Remanufacture, Repurpose, Recycle, Recover) will serve as a guideline.

Stadt der Zukunft

REGOreal - 100% Renewable Energy Region: Local Energy Common Good Economy in real laboratories for networked energy and mobility cells

In REGOreal, the exploration for a 100% renewable energy region in the area of Retz-Horn-Krems-Tulln (Lower Austria) and Mallnitz (Ktn) is taking place. There are four focus topics: 100 Renewable Energy Communities (REC), 1.000 building renovations, 10.000 energy exporters (in the sense of employees who carry the approach into their private environment) and 100 Mio. km of sustainable mobility with extensive use of IT for the development of local integrated energy systems (IES) to integrate a colorful mix of different actors and objects.

Stadt der Zukunft

RENOWAVE.AT - The innovation lab for sustainable, climate-neutral renovation of buildings and districts

RENOWAVE.AT will act as a central contact point for collaboration in innovation projects and provide systematic and early access to as well as promote innovative, scalable renovation concepts and sustainable renovation technologies within real development environments (open innovation principle).

Stadt der Zukunft

ReCon: Development of a resilient hook-and-loop-fastening-system for the adaptable assembly of building components in the building industry

Systemic examination of the hook-and-loop fastener and building component interfaces for the development of a resilient fastening system between parts/components with different functions and lifespan. The desired result serves to verify the fastening system and forms a basis for further research and establishment in the building industry.