RENOWAVE.AT - The innovation lab for sustainable, climate-neutral renovation of buildings and districts

RENOWAVE.AT will act as a central contact point for collaboration in innovation projects and provide systematic and early access to as well as promote innovative, scalable renovation concepts and sustainable renovation technologies within real development environments (open innovation principle).

Short Description

Starting point / motivation

Around three quarters of all buildings in Austria were erected before 1990 and around 60% are in need of renovation from an energy perspective. Austria has committed to becoming climate neutral by 2040. Therefore, an immediate mechanism is needed in the building sector in order to achieve the climate and energy goals. Climate damage in the building sector alone amounts to 12 billion Euros per year. Refurbishment includes use and multifunctionality, energy management, resource consumption, life cycle, costs, sealing, synergies with mobility and the application of digitization.

Contents and goals

The aim is to double the annual energy renovation rate of buildings by 2030 and this will require major renovations. RENOWAVE.AT positions future renovation technologies, the development and implementation of holistic solutions for a CO2-neutral building stock and their possibilities / effects for solving future challenges (energy transition, financing ...), advancing the development of the Smart City and implementing associated awareness-raising measures.

RENOWAVE.AT is a long-term and continuous initiator for the implementation of many building renovations and several redeveloped districts throughout Austria. All topics and contents are processed and promoted in the organizational form of a cooperative. RENOWAVE.AT builds upon existing initiatives and consolidates them.


Competence is bundled and built up in seven innovation fields, all addressed in RENOWAVE.AT:

  1. Data bases
  2. Resources
  3. Multifunctional, climate-neutral building envelopes
  4. Renewable and climate-neutral energy supply
  5. User integration and process support
  6. Business models & law
  7. Interdisciplinary holistic construction and operating process
  8. Baukultur / Bauhaus Initiative

In future, services and offers from the innovation laboratory are to be created in these fields of innovation. For this purpose, development environment and laboratory infrastructure are developed and further developed as an open, independent test and evaluation environment.

Expected results

Results are achieved in four areas:

  1. Target area A: New products and services (quantitative target: ten innovation achievements)
  2. Target area B: Promote climate-neutral implementation projects at property and neighbourhood level (quantitative target: 200 innovation projects throughout Austria) through the targeted market presence of RENOWAVE.AT and the members of the cooperative (collectively, in project teams, individually)
  3. Target area C: Deepening, standardization and utilization of the knowledge base (quantitative target: ten innovation measures) to overcome existing barriers to implementation
  4. Target area D: method development, co-creation, mediation and communication (quantitative target: 2000 new innovation partnerships in five years)

Finally, RENOWAVE.AT is designed to realize as many implementation projects as possible connected to the innovation laboratory in the form of concrete renovation projects at the object and neighbourhood level.

Project Partners

Project management

RENOWAVE.AT - Cooperative Ltd. in foundation

Project or cooperation partners

  • IBO - Österreichisches Institut für Baubiologie und -ökologie GmbH
  • AEE - Institut für Nachhaltige Technologien
  • Arch+More ZT
  • Energieinstitut Vorarlberg
  • FH Salzburg
  • FH Technikum Wien
  • Institute of Building Research & Innovation
  • Institut für Immobilien, Bauen und Wohnen
  • Österreichische Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen
  • OpenHouseWien
  • Pulswerk GmbH
  • Qualitätsplattform Sanierungsexperten / 17&4 Organisationsberatung GmbH
  • Schöberl & Pöll GmbH
  • Technische Universität Wien
  • Universität Innsbruck
  • Wohnbund Consult

Contact Address

RENOWAVE.AT - Cooperative Ltd. in foundation

Bernhard Lipp
Seidengasse 13
A-1070 Vienna 
Tel.: +43 (699) 131 920 06

Armin Knotzer
Feldgasse 19
A-8200 Gleisdorf
Tel.: +43 (03112) 5886-369