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Fabrik der Zukunft

Development of miniaturized, ceramic high-temperature fuel-cell-components using resources-perserving mass-production processes

The application of nano scaled powder and powder injection moulding (PIM) for energy efficient co-sintering of miniaturized solid oxid fuel cells which can produce current and heat by using renewable raw materials.

Fabrik der Zukunft

Increasing of the resources-efficiency by experimental optimisation of steam production and by reduction of production residues in a metal-processing factory

The project is based on the results of the currently running project "Use of waste heat and renewable energy sources in a metal-processing factory". In this project it was found, that nearly the half of the consumption of natural gas is needed for steam production. Based on calculations already carried out, it is planned to investigate experimentally the possibilities of increasing the resource-efficiency by lowering the steam temperature and by replacing steam by hot water. Further increasing of resource-efficiency shall be achieved by use of internal residues as an additional fuel in a solid fuel furnace.

Fabrik der Zukunft

Raise in efficiency due to optimized waste heat management in heat intensive processes of the metal-working industry

This project drives at optimizing the energy input at the manufacturing process of oil tempered spring steel. This aim is met by investigating different options of waste heat recovery from industrial furnaces and heat insulation of heat treatment bathes. Besides, options of lead removal from anthracite will be listed.

Fabrik der Zukunft

Raising efficiency by an optimized filters purification system using waste heat in metal industry

Purification and disposal of production effluents in waste water from metal manu¬fakturing processes is of economical and ecological importance for the Joh. Pengg AG. Econamical solutions for optimised purification of the filter textiles and the drying of the filter cake with waste heat have been found.