IEA Bioenergy Task 42: Biorefining in a future BioEconomy (working period 2019-2022)

The representation of Austria within the IEA-Bioenergy Task 42 Biorefining for the period 2019-2022. Networking of national experts at international level within the Task. Austrian contribution’s to the implementation of the planned Task 42 work programme for the further development, implementation and evaluation of biorefineries within the Implementing Agreement IEA- Bioenergy.

Short Description

Contents and objectives of the IEA Implementing Agreement - Bioenergy

The Implementing Agreement Bioenergy has set itself the task of making significant contributions to the elimination of environmental, institutional, technological and financial barriers to the use of bioenergy technologies in the future. The activities of IEA-Bioenergy essentially cover the following areas:

  • Initiation, coordination and promotion of research, development and demonstration projects through international cooperation.
  • Establishment and implementation of a targeted exchange of information between experts from research, industry and politics in the participating countries.

This strategic approach is intended to promote the development and marketing of environmentally friendly, efficient and cost-effective bioenergy technologies on the broadest possible front and at an international level. As new or additional activities in the Implementing Agreement Bioenergy, a focus will be placed on "strategic projects" and intensified efforts to integrate "non-OECD countries" and specific target groups of the agreement. Another special focus of IEA-Bioenergy is the development of technology and product markets.

Contents and objectives of the IEA-Bioenergy Task 42 Biorefineries in the bioeconomy and environmental services of the future

The aim of the task is to contribute to the development and commercialisation of competitive, environmentally friendly and socially acceptable biorefineries that produce food, feed, raw materials, chemicals and bioenergy efficiently and without waste. To this end, the existing network is to be further strengthened, with the active networking of information on R&D, pilot and demonstration plants and politics, to coordinate work in the participating countries and to advise political actors. Task 42 offers an international platform for cooperation and information exchange between industry, SMEs, public institutions, NGOs and R&D institutions on biorefinery R&D, demonstration, commercialisation and relevant framework conditions.

The overall objective of Task 42 is to record, evaluate and analyse biorefineries on a global level in as much detail as possible. The integrated production of energy (carriers) and various by-products on the basis of sustainable technology concepts - if possible zero emission /waste - is of essential importance for the global supply of energy, fuels and consumer goods. The establishment of biorefineries for the production of energy and products on the basis of renewable resources forms the basis of a sustainable economy oriented towards closed material cycles. Biorefineries are thus key technologies for the actual decoupling of energy and consumer goods production from fossil resources and, through their establishment, offer the possibility of making an essential contribution to the reduction of climate-relevant emissions and to climate protection.

Preview for the period 2019-2022

In the period 2019-2022 Austria will again take the lead in the largest Activity Area WP1: Provide quantitative, scientifically sound, and understandable data on the technical, economic and ecological added-value of biorefining to co-produce bioenergy and bio-products in a sustainable way and will lead the four sub-tasks:

  • Task 1.1) Selection biorefineries for TEE (technical, economic, environmental)-assessment and data-input for assessments
  • Task 1.2) TEE-assessment selected biorefineries using Task42's Biorefinery Assessment platform
  • Task 1.3) Dissemination TEE-assessment results – Biorefinery Fact Sheets (BFSs)
  • Task1.4) Creating support for use Task42 BES for TEE-assessment integrated biorefineries

Thus, in the period 2019-2021, the focus will be on the further development of the biorefinery evaluation platform, the monitoring of the market potential of biorefineries in the bioeconomy as well as the identification of non-technical hurdles in the biorefinery segment.


Australia, Austria, Denmark, Germany, Irland, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, European Union (Observer)

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DI Michael Mandl (National Team Leader)
tbw research GesmbH
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Tel.: +43 (699) 1444 52 11

DI (FH) Johannes Lindorfer
Energieinstitut an der Johannes Kepler Universität Linz
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Tel.: +43 (732) 24685653

Dr. Franziska Hesser
Kompetenzzentrum Holz GmbH
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