IEA Bioenergy Task 40: Deployment of Biobased Value-Chains (Working Period 2019 - 2021)

Analyzes are planned on the technological and economic requirements of high-quality bioenergy sources, biomass resources and advanced logistics chains, sustainable biomass production and trade, stimulating trade and investment in trade and related market studies.

Short Description

Since the year 2008, the TU-Vienna / Energy Economics Group (EEG) has been a cooperation partner of the IEA Bioenergy Task 40. On the basis of this cooperation, numerous task, inter-tasks and workshops on the dynamics of bioenergy markets and the technological, energy- systemic and economic opportunities and challenges of international bioenergy supply chains are carried out and published.

An international, interdisciplinary team and transdisciplinary research are needed to address the complex issues of bioeconomic technology success assessments. By participating in the IEA Bioenergy Task 40, international developments for the strategic orientation of Austrian RTI policy can be realized early on and new energy research areas in Austria can be established through international support. In return, the contribution of Austrian expertise and findings from national and EU R & D projects to the IEA research cooperation takes place.

According to the work program, the IEA Task 40 target in Triennium 2019-2021 is to support the provision of viable, efficient bioenergy supply chains in the context of international, national and regional trade in biomass, taking into account the diversity of biomass resources, value chains and competing applications for bioenergy and bio-based materials.

Briefly, Task 40 is working on the technological, energy system and economic implications of providing sustainable bioenergy resources and bioenergy technologies in the context of the bioeconomy.

Results from the planned task projects as well as collaborative and strategic Intertask projects are expected on the following topics: Global and New Regional Markets (Asia, Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa); Financing options for scaling; regional energy changes; Bioeconomy-synergies; bio-based fuels for aviation and shipping; Bioenergy carbon sequestration, storage and use; Provision of renewable fuels for the gas network; renewable process heat supply; the role of bioenergy in an SDG-compliant world.


Publications are available on the Website of Bioenergy Task 40.


Austria, Belgium, Denmark, European Commission, Japan, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Unitied States of America

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TU Wien, Energy Economics Group (EEG)
Lukas Kranzl, Fabian Schipfer
Gusshausstr. 25-29/370-3
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