IEA Bioenergy Task 37: Energy from Biogas (Working Period 2016 - 2018)

Participation as Austrian representative in the expert group during the period 2016-2018 in order to achieve knowledge-exchange, establishment of technical reports and recommendations, as well as dissemination of the gained information to Austrian stakeholders.

Short Description

The University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna, is the national Austrian representative in the IEA Bioenergy Task 37 "Energy from Biogas" during the triennium 2016 – 2018. The delegates are from the Institute of Environmental Biotechnology, IFA Tulln. Through a network of international experts, key topics of biogas technology, i.e. reclamation from industrial-, municipal- and agricultural sources including energy crops, are elaborated. Concentrated information / results are properly prepared for all concerned interested Austrian players (biogas users, companies, consultants, authorities, associations) by means of reports, workshops, brochures, newsletters and the Task 37 website.

During the 3 years project, all country representatives as well as selected experts provided case studies and data reports about various e.g. full scale applications, including economic evaluations, experience on biogas upgrading and biogas use, potential of biogas applications as well as environmental effects of biogas technology. In 6 Task meetings of all Task members (14 participating institutions) the overall work and specific tasks was coordinated and the described measures for information dissemination organized.

The main topic of the Task 37 network is international know how- as well as experience generation and –dissemination, therefore avoiding wrong developments, unnecessary plant failures and parallel inventions in biogas technology.

The main advantage for Austria is a direct approach to the much broader knowledge base of the other participating IEA countries. By implementing important Austrian players, direct information to concerned companies, users, experts, authorities, associations etc. is achieved. Through the presentation of Austrian concerns in the international Task group, economic-, standardization- and environmental protection issues can be prepared and enforced.

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