Design Guidelines - Solar Space Heating of Factory Buildings With Underfloor Heating Systems (Jaehnig/Weiss 2008)

The energy required for the space heating of factory buildings and warehouses can be a major percentageof the energy consumption of a company. While in some cases, waste heat from other processesin the company is available and is the most cost effective way to heat a factory building, aninteresting option is to use solar energy to cover the heat demand of an industrial building.

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Factory buildings and warehouses differ from residential or office buildings in several ways. Room heights are 5 - 10 m and the required room temperatures are as low as 15 - 18°C. Low required room temperatures in combination with simple system concepts that can be used for space heating of factory buildings are an ideal situation for the application of solar thermal energy. These factors create a big potential for the use of solar thermal energy in the industry.


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Dagmar Jaehnig
Werner Weiss
AEE - Institute for Sustainable Technologies
8200 Gleisdorf, Austria

This booklet was prepared as an account of work done within Task 33 "Solar Heat for Industrial Processes" of the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme and Task IV of the IEA SolarPACES Programme.

Published by AEE INTEC, Gleisdorf, Feldgasse 19, Austria, 2007 with financial support of the Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology.