Grid-forming inverters - Validation and testing challenges

15. March 2024
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, Giefinggasse 2, Wien, AT

The proposed workshop is testing-originated and presents methodologies-related research activities, entailing the design and optimization of interfacing methods that are dedicated to the robust and high-fidelity PHIL testing of GFC with soft black start capability.


  • AIT Austrian Institute of Technology
  • Center for Energy
  • Competence Unit Power and Renewable Gas Systems

Content Description

Grid-forming converters (GFC) establish a stable and controllable voltage at their output terminal without requiring external angle reference, which enables the GFC to be a candidate for providing black start services. The inherent voltage and frequency regulation attributes of GFC pose significant challenges to the conventional validation and testing methods, which incorporates the physical power converter in the emulated power grid.

The proposed workshop will focus on challendes related to the validation and testing of GFC. International speakers will present methodologies-related research results, entailing the design and optimization of methods that are dedicated to the robust and high-fidelity testing of GFC. In addition, a hands-on demonstration of GFC at the AIT Microgrid Laboratory will conclude the program.


  • 8:30 Welcome at AIT
  • 9:00 Workshop opening
    • Friederich Kupzog (AIT)
      Head of Competence Unit Power and RenewableGas Systems
    • Roland Bründlinger, Mihai Calin (AIT)
      Austrian SIRFN National Experts
    • Ron Brandl (Fraunhofer IEE)
      SIRFN Workgroup Manager
  • 9:15 Introduction to SIRFN, Global Network, accomplishments and plans
    Ron Brandl
  • 9:30 Challenges of the inertial response validation & testing for the Grid-forming power converters
    Zoran Miletic, AIT
  • 10:00 Technical presentation 2
  • 10:30 Overview of the European and national standardization activities related to grid-forming capabilities of generating units
    Roland Bründlinger, AIT, and Ron Brandl, Fraunhofer IEE, Germany
    • RfG 2.0 European Network Code on Requirements for Generators
    • EN 50549-20 on Testing of Grid-Forming capabilities
    • VDE FNN Hinweis “Netzbildende Eigenschaften...”
  • 11:00 Coffee break
  • 11:15-13:00 Lab Demo of Grid-forming inverter features at the AIT PE Micro Grid Lab
    Anja Banjac, Zoran Miletic, AIT


Target Audience

Experts from research, academics, power system operation, manufacturers.

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AIT Austrian Institute of Technology
Roland Bründlinger
Giefinggasse 2
A-1210 Wien