IEA 4E Workshop - Addressing product lifetime, repairability, and resource efficiency: what can we learn from current trends in European product policy

21. September 2023
Online, Lund, SE

This workshop provides an opportunity to better understand and learn about a range of circular economy issues alongside energy efficiency product policies in the EU. The increasing awareness of the influence of product lifetimes on related GHG emissions and other environmental issues is giving rise to policies to promote durability and repairability.


This workshop is hosted by the IEA Energy Efficient End-Use Equipment (4E) as part of the Product Energy Efficiency Trends - PEET.


Content Description

The workshop will feature a presentation by Dr. Carl Dalhammar, who is associate professor at IIIEE, Lund University. His research interests include law and innovation, government-industry interactions, technology transfer, and product-oriented environmental policy.

His research projects have analyzed a number of product oriented environmental policies, including laws such as the Ecodesign Directive, "right to repair" policies, eco-labels, and government procurement.

Dalhammar currently teaches environmental law and politics in several master programs and is a member of the Council for Research Issues at the Swedish Competition Authority and a board member at the Swedish national innovation program Re:Source.


(Central European Summer Time - CEST)

  • 12:00 Welcome - Aims of the Workshop
    Mr. Peter Bennich, Swedish Energy Agency (Moderator) 
  • 12:10 Why is the EU concerned with product lifetimes, repairability, and resource efficiency?
    Examples of how these issues have been/will be addressed in the EU. What has ben learnt by the EU?
    Lecture by Dr. Carl Dalhammar, International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics
  • 12:40 Questions and Answers 
  • 13:00 Discussion: What can be done in countries with more restricted legislation?
  • 13:20 Conclusions & Closure


Target Audience

This workshop is open to all interested parties, but especially those interested in/working on product policy and circular economy. 

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