IEA 4E EMSA Workshop: How can digitalisation in industrial electric motor driven systems contribute to saving more energy?

19. September 2023
Vienna, AT

Following the presentation of the latest results of the Electric Motor Systems Annex research on digitalisation, we would like to discuss on market and technology trends as well as energy effects, best practices and policies.


IEA Electric Motor Systems Annex



Part 1: Technologies, market trends (13:00-14:10)

  • 13:00 Welcome
    Introduction: EMSA research on technologies, Maarten van Werkhoven, Konstantin Kulterer
  • 13:10 Digitalisation and electric motor systems
    Ronald Piers, European Commission
  • 13:20 Overview of use cases EMSA
  • 13:25 Example of digitalisation
    Samotics, Netherlands
  • 13:35 Discussion: technological trends, business models
    Maarten van Werkhoven

Subjects for discussion

  1. Market situation of digitalisation of motor systems; what trends can be observed?
  2. Main drivers for digitalisation? Can energy efficiency become a driver for digitalisation?
  3. What is the business model for digital energy efficiency solutions? What are the value propositions?

Part 2: How to bring to market (14:10-15:00)

  • 14:10 Results of previous and current EMSA research on drivers, barriers and policies
    Konstantin Kulterer, Roger Nordman
  • 14:20 Discussion: market framework, policy interventions
    Maarten van Werkhoven
  • 14:55 Conclusions
    Maarten van Werkhoven
  • 15:00 End

Subjects for discussion

  1. What are major hurdles, e.g. sharing data between end-user and supplier, lack of skills, end user company size, real value proposition, others?
  2. Is there a need for improved standardisation in certain aspects of digitalisation?
  3. Is there a need for market change and if so, in which way? (e.g. capacity building, alignment to other activities like energy monitoring systems)
  4. What policy instruments were introduced and proved useful for driving digitalisation in motor systems?
  5. How could policies/policy makers help to accelerate digitalisation of motor systems?


Target Audience

  • Energy Efficiency Experts
  • Motor Driven Systems Experts

Participant Information


Registration is required.


Contact Address

Austrian Energy Agency
Konstantin Kulterer
MariahilferstraƟe 136
A-1060 Vienna