IEA Hydrogen TCP Task 41 Final Workshop

11. September 2023, 10:00 - 12:00
Teams Meeting, ES

The main objectives of Task 41 are to provide an updated and continuously updatable long-lasting database on hydrogen technologies allowing improved modelling, understanding and decision-making. Additionally, the Task aims to establish a closer collaboration between the Hydrogen Technology Collaboration Program (TCP) and the Energy Technology Systems Analysis Program (ETSAP) community.


 IEA Hydrogen TCP Technical Secretariat

Content Description

This workshop aims to present the results obtained by IEA Hydrogen TCP Task 41 "Analysis and Modeling of Hydrogen Technologies".

The agenda for the presentation of the Final Workshop of Task 41 will be divided into three sections:

  1. Welcome & overview
  2. Model classification and hydrogen integration
  3. Hydrogen in ETSAP (Energy Technology Systems Analysis Program) models.

There will be a Q&A at the end of sections (II) and (III). Participants will have the option to "raise their hand," and moderators will then enable them to open their microphone and camera to ask any questions.




  • Rob Dickinson (Task Manager)
  • Paul Dodds (Subtask Manager)
  • Daria Nochevnik (Task Expert)
  • Herib Blanco (Task Expert)

Welcome & Overview (I)

  • Welcome from the host: IEA Hydrogen TCP
  • Introduction to the IEA's Hydrogen TCP
  • Welcome Task overview speakers
  • Overview of the Final Report

Model classification and hydrogen integration (II)

  • Welcome Modelling improvement prospects speakers
  • Taxonomy - Accounting for hydrogen across a diversity of model classes
  • Integrating multiple resolution asessements
  • Modelling diversity Q&A

Hydrogen in ETSAP models (III)

  • Welcome collaboration with ETSAP
  • Comparison of community model inputs
  • Comparison of community model outputs
  • Guidelines for representing hydrogen in energy system models
  • Conclusions
  • ETSAP collaboration Q&A

Target Audience

People, who operate energy models or use their outcomes.

Participant Information

Online registration and further informations

Please contact IEA Hydrogen TCP Technical Secretariat for any questions regarding the workshop.


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