Modernising Energy Efficiency through Digitalisation - Webinar: Total Energy Model of Network connected Devices

28. April 2021
Online, Paris, FR

The Electronic Devices and Network Annex of the IEA - 4E Technology Collaboration Program is focused on the increase in energy use caused by connecting everyday devices to the internet, as well as on the energy-saving benefits from the "digitalisation" of these devices. EDNA has developed a quantitative global model of the "Total energy use" of connected devices. This webinar focus is the model and some scenarios.


The International Energy Agency and the Electronic Decives and Network Annex (EDNA) - TEM of the IEA - 4E Technology Collaboration Program

Content Description

This webinar is part of a series titled Modernising Energy Efficiency through Digitalisation.

The webinar will present the results of EDNA's 'Total Energy Model' including a tour of the interactive graphs that are accessible on the EDNA website. These graphs allow users to manipulate various assumptions, and view the changes in global energy consumption, in real time.


This 1 hour webinar will be introduced by Mr. George Kamiya (Digital/Energy Analyst of the International Energy Agency), and presented by EDNA’s consultants Mr. Paul Ryan (Director of EnergyConsult Pty Ltd) and Mr. Anson Wu (Director of Hansheng Ltd), both developed the Total Energy Model.

Target Audience

Technical experts and policy makers as well as interested staheloders working on energy efficiency of networks, edge devices and Internet.

Participant Information

The webinar is in English language, and through the platform Zoom.

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