4th generation district heating: implementation - First webinar (TS2)

17. June 2019

Low temperature district heating installations are taking off. More than 100 installations have been identified across Europe. Join the TS2 team for their first results on how to implement low teperature district heating!



Content Description

The aim of IEA DHC Annex TS2 is to facilitate the implementation of the 4th Generation of District Heating (4GDH). The project aims to develop the conditions for the implementation of 4GDH with help of international experts.

Based on a study of the already conducted work on 4GDH, the following five topics are dealt with in the Annex project:

  1. Technology
  2. System functions
  3. Demonstration
  4. Competitiveness
  5. Dissemination

The information generated in these five topics is summarized in form of a 4GDH manual and disseminated through workshops and training sessions to participating researchers, users, representatives of the district heating industry and policy makers.


  • project presentation
  • demonstration of selected use cases

Target Audience

  • researcher
  • user
  • Representatives of the district heating industry and
  • policy makers

Participant Information

Please join the online meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Contact Address

Roman Geyer
E-Mail: roman.geyer@ait.ac.at