Webinar: Biofuels for the marine sector - new opportunities and new challenges

8. May 2018

The seminar will give an overview of the marine sector; its fuel and engine types used, the fuel supply infrastructure and the regulations on fuel specifications and CO2 emissions. The feasibility of current biofuels including their properties and supply will be discussed and opportunities for new types of biofuel will be presented.


IEA Bioenergy, also known as the Technology Collaboration Programme (TCP) for Research, Development and Demonstration on Bioenergy, functions within a Framework created by the International Energy Agency (IEA).

Content Description

The marine sector consumes 330 Mt of fuel every year. The major part of the fuels are coarse and heavy diesel fuels with a wide range of specifications. Marine diesel engines have a very high efficiency and are in many cases adapted to handling a diverse fuel supply.

The sector is facing a dual set of challenges; regulations are imposing lower sulphur levels of the fuels in order to reduce SOx and particle emissions, and there are increasing demands for reduced CO2 emissions.

Compared with just a few years ago the sector needs to replace 80% of their fuels and retrofit a large number of vessels to meet the new regulations. This has spurred an intense interest in marine biofuels, which provide new opportunities but also new challenges.

The seminar will be presented by Claus Felby, Professor for Biomass and Bioenergy at University Copenhagen, Denmark.


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