Webinar: Biomass Torrefaction

27. October 2016
Webinar, AT

Technolgy Status and Commercialisation, Applications for Torrefied Biomass and its Role in Logistics and Trade


  • Jaap Koppejan (Task Leader IEA Bioenergy Task 32), Director, Procede Biomass BV
  • Marcel Cremers, Senior Consultant, DNV GL
  • Michael Wild, President, International Biomass Torrefaction Council
  • Martin Junginger (Task Leader IEA Bioenergy Task 40), Professor Biobased Economy, Urecht University


Content Description

IEA Bioenergy Webinar Series

Presentation Summary

Torrefied biomass was introduced as a superior biomass product for replacement of e.g. coal in coal fired assets. However, after a rapid initiation of the torrefaction technology from the years up to 2012, it seems that development of the torrefaction technology has slowed down.

The first part of the presentation will go into the technical and commercial challenges that have been faced by torrefaction developers over the last few years. Furthermore, the traditional chicken-egg problem will be explained for the torrefied product and finally critical enablers will be explained for successful further commercialization of the torrefied product and its technology.

The second part of the presentation will go into applications and logistics of torrefied biomass. Initially the sector has been looking mostly to coal power plants as off-takers. Their slow pace in signing up led to investigations and testing in numerous additional applications; some will be highlighted in the presentation. One of the key advantages of torrefied biomass is said to be in logistics. This will be analysed and a status overview on standardisation, respectively health and safety aspects of torrefied biomass will be given.

The webinar is based on two IEA Bioenergy reports that were recently published:

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Christoph Schmidl
E-mail: christoph.schmidl@bioenergy2020.eu