aspern Vienna´s Urban Lakeside subproject 8: Overall Project Management Landmark Project "aspern+"

The Overall Project Management of the "Leitprojekt" includes the handling and supervision of the sub-projects, the reporting to the programme management and additionally the preparation and distribution of relevant results. Beyond that the project management is responsible to highlight possible synergies within other projects and to - if necessary - include these within the next steps.

Short Description

This project is a sub project of the flagship project "aspern Vienna´s Urban Lakeside".




Starting point / motivation

“Seestadt aspern” is the most important urban extension programme since the late nineteenth century (“Gründerzeit”) and one of the largest city development projects in Europe. The planning area comprises 240 ha, which equals 340 soccer fields or the overall area of the 7th and 8th district. Seestadt aspern shall be constructed in several phases within a period of minimum two decades.

The new residential area shall be the home of about 20.000 inhabitants and 20.000 places of work. In the Austrian city ranking (according to size), Aspern would be comparable to medium sized towns like Baden, Amstetten or Mödling.

Contents and goals

The “Leitprojekt” is based on 4 principles:

  • Public space and micro climate (to investigate the relations between building and outdoor amenity)
  • Cross-Building Energy Distribution (to investigate the options of inter-building energy exchange)
  • Demonstration Buildings for residential, office and production
  • Monitoring (evaluating the degree of achievement of the goals)

Methods of treatment

Project Management with regard to costs, deadlines, quality and networking with other similar projects

Expected results / conclusions

The most important objectives of the “Leitprojekt” are:

  • Construction of demonstration buildings as landmark projects for the further development of the residential area.
  • Ambitioned building standards and application of the EU directive on the energy demand of buildings. i.e. Energy producing buildings in the demonstration buildings
  • Further development of prior and parallel projects like ADRES, NachAspern, Gebäudeintegration, ÖNORM Plus
  • Detection of potentials for efficient buildings by optimization of public/free spaces.
  • Promote the collaboration between Investors in order to elaborate synergies in energy efficiency
  • Permanent monitoring of the ongoing projects for later self-evaluation and transfer of the findings into obligations for the further development of building

Project Partners

Project management

Christoph Pollak, Wien 3420 AG

Project- and cooperation partners

  • ResearchTUb GmbH

Contact Address

Wien 3420 AG
Rosthorngasse 5
Tel.: +43 (1) 7740274-0