aspern Vienna´s Urban Lakeside - subproject 3a: Technology Centre aspern IQ

The demonstration project "Technology centre aspern IQ" showed that the energy required for space conditioning (heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, hot water) can be covered from domestic energy production.

Short Description

This project is a sub project of the flagship project "aspern Vienna´s Urban Lakeside".


Starting point/Motivation

With the aspern IQ, a technology center was developed to meet the challenges of future real estate development projects that arise in connection with the new EU directive on energy efficiency of buildings. As a demonstration project aspern IQ demonstrates and develops appropriate solutions to achieve these new targets. The goal energy surplus standard was achieved through the combination of optimized energy efficiency of the building envelope, minimal energy use for the building services and the use of energy-producing renewable energy technologies.

Contents and Objectives

Through the combination of numerous individual measures such as a thermally optimized building envelope, a superior add-on facade, which meets different functions such as energy production, shading, or facade greening, or even measures such as the use of waste heat from server rooms for space conditioning or a controlled mechanical ventilation depending on outside temperature and indoor air quality, a building performance can be achieved which allows the building to produce more energy than is needed for the space conditioning seen on an annual basis.

The building was designed to reach at least 700 points from the programme "klima aktiv", and to reach the following energy coefficients:

  • heating energy demand target:
    HWB*V,NWG,max = 3 * (1+2,5/lc) kWh/m³a
  • Outdoor-induced cooling demand target:
    KB*V,NWG,max = 0,5 kWh/m³a
  • Primary energy consumption target:
    PEBNWG,max = 100 kWh/m²a


Developer, architect, building engineers, structural engineers and other project participants were eager from the first stage of planning to achieve the same goal: the establishment of a positive energy balance of the building, which adapts to the local resource availability, offers the highest possible user indoor comfort and all the requirements of sustainability.

The interdisciplinary planning team could analyze the various design alternatives in the planning phase, and therefore optimize the overall concept in terms of technology, environment, economy and social sustainability.


  • Building certification TQB and klima:aktiv

    For quality assurance throughout the planning phase an evaluation according to klima:aktiv building standard and TQB (Total Quality Building Assessment of the Austrian Sustainable Building Council) was performed. This assessment accompanying the planning was useful for achieving the high quality of the building.

  • Energy balance of primary energy

    The energy balance on the basis of primary energy shows that it is possible that aspern IQ achieves over the year a balance of positive energy. In the balance the energy consumption for space conditioning (heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, hot water) were compared to the energy production by photovoltaic and wind turbine on the basis of primary energy.

Prospects / Suggestions for future research

The first project period from the project start to October 2011 was characterized mainly by an extensive integrated planning process. In summer of 2011 the construction of the Technology Center aspern IQ started. The next phase of the project was characterized by the contractual work of the building and the preparation for the operational phase. Especially for the operation of the building a tender was made to find the appropriate partner for the optimal operation of the building with a focus on a positive energy balance.

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Project Partners

Project management

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