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Nachhaltig Wirtschaften

PET2More - Biotechnological upcycling of PET plastic waste as a contribution to the gradual reduction of petroleum-based raw material dependency

The aim of the PET2More project is to develop a biotechnological process for upcycling PET plastic monomer waste. To this end, previously unknown and unavailable decarboxylase enzymes for the conversion of terephthalic acid and 2,5-furandicarboxylic acid into valuable chemicals such as benzoic acid and furan-2-carboxylic acid are to be identified, characterized and optimized by means of enzyme engineering.

Nachhaltig Wirtschaften


ReKEP relies on reusable transport containers instead of (disposable) cardboard packaging. These should be affordable, effective and flexible to use in the CEP sector (courier, express, parcel). The logistics processes involved are examined and adjustments are proposed to achieve economic, ecological and social sustainability.