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Nachhaltig Wirtschaften

CICA - Chlorella in circular aquaculture

Project CICA allows the detailed investigation of fish wastewater and its treatment by algae cultivation, as well as the design and construction of a special photobioreactor to purify wastewater and produce fish at the same time.

Nachhaltig Wirtschaften

EdeN - Efficient decentralized sustainable food production

In the EdeN project, a decentralized vertical farming concept is extended to meet circular economy requirements. The combination of vertical farming with closed energy-, resource- and distribution-loops is a possible disruptive concept in food production. The developed concepts will be accessible and transferable to other food producers, and its limitations will be pointed out.

Nachhaltig Wirtschaften

Wastewater cycle. Cascadic recycling of wastewater and organic residue streams in buildings.

Basic research is being conducted for a sustainable cycle-oriented system for the building-integrated recycling of wastewater and food waste. This includes nutrient recovery for a sustainable circulation system (production of plant fertiliser and biochar), electricity production to meet the demand (up to 15 %) of plus-energy buildings, as well as water recovery for irrigation of the building's own or urban greenery and for summer cooling.