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CircuPack - Recyclable materials for food packaging with a low ecological footprint

The goal of the project is to develop sustainable and environmentally friendly food packaging with an improved ecological footprint. It is important to develop a new process control that ensures both food compatibility and the sustainability of the resulting product.

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EPSolutely - Development of a circular economy concept in the plastics industry using the example of EPS

In a system-wide cooperation of all relevant actors of the EPS value chain system, concepts, technologies and methods for an EPS circular economy are developed. The integration into an overall concept with optimised logistics and transport systems should enable the transformation of linear EPS value creation systems into a circular economy.

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PET2More - Biotechnological upcycling of PET plastic waste as a contribution to the gradual reduction of petroleum-based raw material dependency

The aim of the PET2More project is to develop a biotechnological process for upcycling PET plastic monomer waste. To this end, previously unknown and unavailable decarboxylase enzymes for the conversion of terephthalic acid and 2,5-furandicarboxylic acid into valuable chemicals such as benzoic acid and furan-2-carboxylic acid are to be identified, characterized and optimized by means of enzyme engineering.

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circPLAST‐mr Mechanical Recycling of Plastics: Mechanisches Recycling von Kunststoffen: From waste plastics to high‐quality and specification‐compliant recyclates

The flagship project circPLAST‐mr pursues the following 4 main objectives: (1) to identify and explore previously unused potential for mechanical plastics recycling, (2) to define and test key process steps for this on a laboratory/pilot scale, (3) to demonstrate the eco‐efficient marketability of increased recycled plastic volumes, and (4) to demonstrate the scalability of the laboratory/pilot process steps to industrial scale.