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Nachhaltig Wirtschaften

Hemp Ski, Recyclable ski manufacturing from hemp, bio-resin and waste streams

In industrial production for alpine skis, epoxy resins of fossil origin and pre-impregnated glass fiber reinforcements are processed today. Innovations that replace environmentally critical materials in skis with biogenic substitute materials with an improved environmental balance have so far been limited to the production of small series. This circumstance motivated the consortium to develop a solution for a circular bioeconomy with the HempSki project, which will also make industrial ski production from renewable raw materials and waste streams possible in the future.

Nachhaltig Wirtschaften


Fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composite components with low weight, so-called lightweight components for transport and mobility, lead to significant CO2 savings. Despite established production technologies and weight savings, further progress in lightweight construction is increasingly difficult because the sustainability of these products is currently not given due to the unresolved recycling problem, although the regulations require, among other things, 85 % recycling of an end-of-life vehicle.