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Fabrik der Zukunft

Adjustment of the value chain in the mass-shoe-production to customized production by unitized products and processes

Main topic of the project is the incremental change of business logics in mass shoe production by changing product-push to customer-pull concepts. Results need to integrate the entire supply chain, add value to the brand and its products and contribute to the company's sustainability.

Nachhaltig Wirtschaften

Development of a comprehensive procedure within the design of high-speed-cutting processes in consideration of environmental protection and occupational health aspects

In the metal working industry high-speed-cutting (HSC) in connection with minimal quantity cooling-lubrication promises a high potential for saving process materials. On the one hand costs of purchase and disposal of metal working fluids (MWF) decrease, on the other hand the reduction of dermal diseases and emissions of MWF-dusts are expected.

Fabrik der Zukunft

Open Innovation

Instruments and Strategies for the involvement of users and other relevant social groups in the design process: the example of fuel cell technology in end-user markets and wood-plastic composites.