IEA ISGAN Communication Working Group

In the ISGAN Communication Working Group results, best practices and findings of the TCP ISGAN are processed in different communication products and communicated to the stakeholders.

Short Description

ISGAN has set itself the task of collecting and analysing results on the topic of Smart Grids from the member countries and communicating them according to the needs of different stakeholders. The stakeholders are mainly policy makers and funding bodies, but also application-oriented research. The Communication Working Group (CWG) focuses on knowledge exchange, both within ISGAN and with external stakeholders. The CWG aims to develop and implement stronger mechanisms for disseminating knowledge from other ISGAN working groups and for supporting training on smart grids.

The Communication Working Group is structured into the following Tasks:

  • Task 1 - Synthesis of results for stakeholders (policy recommendations)
  • Task 2 - National priorities and best practices (survey on drivers and technologies for smart grids, case collections)
  • Task 3 - Structured knowledge exchange (Knowledge Transfer Projects (KTP))
  • Task 4 - Virtual learning (webinars)
  • Task 5 - Collaboration with other organisations
  • Task 6 - Public Media (website, social media, press)

As part of its participation in this working group, Austria has already been very active in Tasks 2 and 3 in recent years and is continuing these activities.

Information products will include Casebooks, a survey on drivers and technologies for smart grids and Knowledge Transfer Projects (KTPs).

The results are optimised for stakeholders like energy experts who use this information to plan their next research project, technical users (e.g. participants in energy communities) and funding bodies and ministries.

In recent years, strong emphasis has been placed on processing the information from the working groups in a targeted manner for stakeholders. In order to better meet Austrian needs, the policy recommendations will also be published in German.

Across the working groups, a Lighthouse Project on the topic of "Planning and implementation of electricity grids under uncertain framework conditions for the energy transition: The role of smart distribution grids in energy systems" is carried out. Austria is intensively involved in this project within Task 3 and in the publication of the results within Task 2.


Austria, Canada, China, European Commission, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain (Operating Agent), Sweden, USA, Korea.

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