IEA HEV TCP Task 49: Electric Vehicle-Fire Safety

As the number of electric vehicles increases, so does the need for safety. The project is creating an overview of fire safety standards for electric vehicles and networking relevant stakeholders. Challenges are discussed and experiences exchanged in national and international expert workshops. The focus is on promoting the safety of electric vehicles and increasing their acceptance.

Short Description

The IEA HEV TCP Task 49 project focuses on the increasingly relevant area of fire safety for electric vehicles. With the growing number of electric vehicles, there is a corresponding urgency to increase both awareness and actual safety around these vehicles.

The project relies on active participation in the activities of the IEA Technology Collaboration Programme (TCP) Task 49, providing access to up-to-date research findings and best practices at the international level. By gathering relevant data and results, a comprehensive overview of current fire protection requirements and standards for electric vehicles is compiled.

A crucial pillar is the identification and networking of relevant stakeholders in this field. Building a comprehensive stakeholder database enables to foster effective collaboration and communication during the project and provides an important foundation for future initiatives.

Workshops and exchange events are regularly organised in cooperation with experts and interest groups, who are actively involved. A special highlight is the organization of a national workshop, which serves as a platform for discussing current challenges, sharing experiences, and planning further steps.

Finally, great emphasis is placed on the dissemination of the results, both nationally and internationally. By utilizing various channels - from specialist publications and online communication to social media - awareness and knowledge in the area of fire safety for electric vehicles is raised.

The goal is, through all these measures, to improve fire safety for electric vehicles and make a significant contribution to promoting electromobility in Austria and beyond. By increasing confidence in the safety of electric vehicles, we are promoting their broader acceptance and usage.


Belgium (Operating Agent), Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, South Korea and Austria

Contact Address

Dr. Hannes Kern
IRIS – Industrial Risk and Safety Solutions e.U.
Kernstockstraße 210, 8250 Vorau